Student Mobility

For those students that are going out on an Exchange for the full year, The Go Abroad Team or School are required to send a file in the form of an excel spreadsheet before 1st August to Registry Student Records. The file should contain the following fields:

  • Student ID
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Form of Study

We run the file daily from 1st August to the end of the Add/Drop period (if required) to pick up any newly progressed students. Please be aware if a student is going out for only part year, the form of study remains as Class Enrolment for that term.

The Form of Study options are:

  • Erasmus Out
  • Exchange Out
  • Language Year Out
  • Work Placement

For those students that have had their form of study changed from Class Enrolment in the previous year and is therefore required to be changed back, these students will be identified and updated automatically. There is no requirement for an Ivanti call to be raised. This process is run daily from 1st August to the end of the Add/Drop period.