Absence and suspension


The University has a Student Absence Policy which applies to all undergraduate and taught postgraduate students.

The policy covers attendance requirements and procedures for reporting absences, whether they are for personal reasons or sickness.

Summary of Student Absence Policy:

1. The Student Absence Policy applies to all undergraduate and taught postgraduate students.

It defines a significant absence as an absence of more than seven consecutive days or one which prevents a student from attending an examination or fulfilling any other requirement for the award of credit, such as:

  • attendance at a compulsory tutorial,
  • laboratory class or
  • deadline for handing in an assignment.

2. Students must complete a MyCampus absence report for any significant absence. They are recommended to complete an absence report for any absence for which they would like the University to take account.

3. Students should report all potentially significant absences as soon as is practical in Part 1 of the MyCampus absence report. They should complete Part 2 on return to University.

4. The normal submission deadline for the completed absence report is seven days after return to University. Boards of Examiners will not necessarily take account of absences reported after this deadline.

5. If at all possible, absences that will result in non-attendance at examinations should be notified before the examination by contacting the relevant School and followed up by completion of Part 1 of the MyCampus absence report.

6. Documentary evidence is required for any significant absence.

Please refer to the Absence Policy for a schedule of circumstances in which a medical certificate is required.

MyCampus has the facility for documentary evidence to be scanned in by the student to their record. It is the responsibility of the student to keep all additional documentation and submit it to the Head of School or nominee(s) on request.

7. The Absence Policy includes a statement of how Schools should respond to a notification of absence.

View the full Student Absence Policy.


Approved suspension of studies/Leave of absence

Approved suspensions of studies/Leave of absence for postgraduate research students must be recorded in MyCampus by the Graduate School in the relevant Colleges. 

Please send enquires and applications for approved suspension of studies/Leave of absence to the relevant Graduate School.

Tier 4 visa students

In the case of students who require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK the University also has a statutory responsibility to inform the UK Borders Agency of changes that affect the duration of programme or material change to their student status, such as apporoved suspension of studies.

Please advise visa-national students who are considering suspending their studies to consult the International Student Support Team prior to suspending their studies. This is due to likely implications for their ability to legally remain in the UK during a period of suspension.