Equality and accessibility

The University of Glasgow is committed to promoting and implementing equality of opportunity and has the following Equality and Diversity Policy and Accommodation Services is supportive of this.

Accessibility for disabled visitors and residents

‌The University strives to make the campus accessible to all users. We recognise users may encounter limitations around our main campus, due to the hilltop location, and understand the importance of enabling access to accurate, practical information on the accessibility of our residences and campuses. Online accessibility guides to our residences are available here.

We are committed to providing an accessible environment to all disabled visitors and residents. Whilst the University has many original buildings dating back to the 19th Century, a comprehensive programme of modifications is in place throughout the campus. All newer buildings are designed to be fully compliant.

If you are intending to apply for University accommodation, or if you anticipate visiting any of the accommodation sites, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss your particular requirements and ensure that adjustments can be made where necessary. We would draw particular attention to our advanced visit facility, where we are happy to organise preferential access to accommodation for short trial periods. This is intended to assist in ensuring that you identify the most suitable facilities for your particular needs.

If you wish to arrange an advance visit, have any questions or concerns, or require this information in an alternative format, you or your representative should contact Disability Services <Disability@glasgow.ac.uk>, as the designated access facilitator, who will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide advice. Visit the Disability Service website for more information.

If you are organising an event or conference using any of the accommodation sites, you should give early consideration to access and facility requirements and contact the Group Accommodation team, who will be happy to discuss arrangements and review provision accordingly.

Gender identity

We recognise the specific needs and requirements of transitioning students in the provision of accommodation. If for this reason, you have a specific need to be in either single or mixed gender accommodation, please indicate this in the application. Single gender accommodation is guaranteed. Those students requesting mixed gender should make comment in the’ Additional Information’ section of the application if mixed gender accommodation is essential. This information will be kept confidential within the application procedure.

If during your time at University, you choose to transition and this requires a review of your current accommodation, again please contact accom@glasgow.ac.uk.

View the Equality and Diversity pages for useful links and support.

Any other specific requirements

Should you have any medical/other issues that you think should be taken into consideration when your room is being allocated you should state this clearly on your application for accommodation in the appropriate section.

This information may include things like requiring a ground floor room or a room in a residence nearer to the University due to mobility issue or illnesses which cause fatigue, a mini fridge being required for medicines or additional fire system equipment being required due to hearing impairment. It would also be helpful if you provided us with information on any medical condition which may not affect your room/residence but may be useful for us to know of e.g. epilepsy, mental health issues, Autism etc. 

If you are unsure of whether or not something should be disclosed, please feel free to contact Disability Services <Disability@glasgow.ac.uk> who will happily give confidential advice.