Information for Adult Returners and College Applicants

We recognise that not everyone progresses to University direct from school; and there are a range of other options for those returning to education after some time out, or for those who have left school without the required grades for entry to the University.

University of Glasgow Access Programme

The University of Glasgow also has its own Access Programme, offering routes in to studying a range of undergraduate degrees offered at the University.

Students on the University of Glasgow’s Access programme study part-time on the University campus, choosing two appropriate subjects within one of three Access Programmes (i.e. depending upon what degree subject you would ultimately like to pursue):

  • Access to Sciences, Engineering & Nursing
  • Access to Law, Business & Accountancy
  • Access to Arts & Social Sciences

Students on the University of Glasgow Access Programme will be enrolled as a University of Glasgow student, with ID number, student card, access to the University Library, etc.

For further information see the Access Programme. You can also get in touch directly at

SWAP (Scottish Wider Access Programme)

The University of Glasgow was one of the founding partners of the Scottish Wider Access Programme; a partnership of Universities and Colleges that provides opportunities for adults with few or no qualifications who want to study at University.

Full-time SWAP Access courses run in Colleges across the west of Scotland, providing adult returners with valuable routes of entry into a huge range of degrees offered at the University of Glasgow, such as: Arts, Social Sciences, Teaching, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering

There are also specialist SWAP Programmes available for those interested in the high demand professional degrees offered at the University of Glasgow, such as: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine & Surgery, Dentistry and Law.

All SWAP Access programmes contain a valuable ‘Prep for HE’ element, helping students prepare for the transition to University; and students will also benefit from the opportunity to attend bespoke sessions run by University of Glasgow staff on the University campus throughout their SWAP course.

For further information see the SWAP West website. You can also email SWAP directly at, or phone them to find out more: 0141 564 7206.

HNC/HND Applicants

The University of Glasgow welcomes applications from students who have studied (or who are currently studying) Higher National Qualifications (HNCs or HNDs) within Colleges.

This HNC / HND Entry Requirements document details the University of Glasgow degree programmes which accept HNC or HND qualifications; the specific HN qualifications (and grades) that are accepted; and the entry level (Yr1 or Y2) to which applicants with the required grades will be admitted. It also details any additional entry requirements, such as SQA Highers.

Please note, all HN applicants to the University are required to attend and pass the University of Glasgow Summer School. This will be a condition of any offer made.

As with all entry qualifications, HN qualifications must have been awarded within 7 years of the date of entry to the University to be accepted as meeting entry requirements.


The University of Glasgow has also established Articulation Programmes, in partnership with local colleges, which allow students on bespoke HNCs to articulate directly into Year 2 in specific subject areas (Life Sciences, Social Sciences/Arts, & Engineering).

For further information on these routes offering direct entry to Yr2, see the HNC Articulation Programmes webpage.