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Forthcoming Events

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Future Voices of Scottish Science Fiction and Fantasy - Oct 2022 - Apr 2023

The AHRC-funded Research Network "Future Voices of Scottish Science Fiction and Fantasy" privileges under-represented Scottish voices of Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF) working across different media (literature, gaming, film, art), with an emphasis on BAME and LGBTQ+ communities as well as practitioners with disabilities. In these dramatic times, we ask how creative practitioners imagine future worlds and respond to rapidly-changing global circumstances (e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic), concerns and anxieties (e.g. as expressed in the #MeToo or #BlackLivesMatter movements) through SFF writing/art/creativity. The network is led by Dr Dimitra Fimi (Principal Investigator) and Professor Esther MacCallum-Stewart (Co-Investigator). We are delighted to invite you to the Network's four public events, which will be held online via Zoom webinar:

  • 12 October 2022, 6-7:30pm: Inclusive worldbuilding in SFF across different media
    • Participants: Hal Duncan, James T. Harding, Etienne Kubwabo, and Rachel Plummer
    • Book your free ticket here

  • 7 December 2022, 6-7:30pm: Representation of change and the future in SFF worlds and narratives
    • Participants: Lily Higham, Kirsty Logan, Jon McKellan, Tanya Roberts, and Lorraine Wilson.
    • Book your free ticket here

  • 15 February 2023, 6-7:30pm: Representation of social issues in SFF worlds and narratives
    • Participants: Nina Allan, Gordon Johnstone, Luci Holland, Ellen Kushner, and Dana Little.
    • Book your free ticket here

  • 19 April 2023, 6-7:30pm: Challenging the past (canon and history) in SFF narratives
    • Participants: Iain Clark, Amal El-Mohtar, Harry Josephine Giles, and T. L. Huchu
    • Book your free ticket here

In addition to these events the network will be publishing commissioned academic responses, and holding online discussions on the Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic Discord server which you can join here. For more information about the Network, including bios of all contributors, see here. You can follow the Network on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


10-12 May 2023: GIFCon 2023: Boundaries and Margins in Fantasy (online)

Our 6th GIFCon (Glasgow International Fantasy Conversations, run annually) will be held online for the third time in May 2023. The theme is Boundaries and Margins in Fantasy

See here for further details.

The CFP is now out and can be accessed here.