Athena Swan Event - January Challenge 5 'Hello'

Image of creations

On the 5th January to have a go at the January Challenge 'Hello'. The event was held in C222 in the GCRC with 9 people attending. 

There were many different characters created and were very impressive. It was a nice way to come together to say hello after the Christmas break to say hello and do something creative and very different as a collective. 

Thank you to Jillian for sending the reminder email on the day, it was a very late request to have the event circulated and helped ensure people could come down and join. 

For more info on events coming up - please check the noticeboard on the Athena Swan Website

Coffee Catch Up and January Challenges 16 and 22

Image of people having coffee

On the 16th January we came together for a coffee catch up in the GCRC. A group of around 20 people attended the event for a time away to chat. This was the third coffee catch up that has happened since COVID and the second one held in the GCRC. 

At the coffee catch up a couple of the January Challenges were attempted. The first challenge was challenge 16 which was tell me something about your family. Over a coffee (or Tea) it felt like a good time to chat about family related things such as memories, things you've learned, the smells, the feels, the touch or the sound of home. 

Image of drawings of hand

The second challenge that was attempted was challenge 22 which was High Five. This challenge included drawing around your hand and reflecting on your day, or the world around you right now. Within the shape was to write things down that pleased you. We had a good number of attempts from the attendees at the coffee morning. 

The next Coffee Catch up event will be on the 15th February at 10.30am in the Wolfson Link Complex. 

You can see a video of the event on our tiktok here:

Image of people having a conversationImage of people drinking coffee

Challenge 24 Playing with Paint

Image of paintings

On the 24th January we came together to do Day 24 of the January Challenge. This challenge was Playing with 'Paint'. This included grabbing card and paint and seeing what creation comes from this. We had some very creative outputs. This was offered as a chance for colleagues from accross the school the chance to come together and paint. Everyone had a lot of fun creating something, there was also chatting and laugher. Which was an important as what was put onto the paper!



Image of people paintingImage of people painting