NERD Coffee Morning

As you all know too well, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic we were unable to see our colleagues, friends and families; this highlighted the vast importance of social interaction across all areas of our lives. Within our School, we had new colleagues join us who never had the opportunity to meet others in person – it wasn’t a case of simply meeting in the lab or tearoom as we would normally do – and this was why Postdoc Coffees were established. 

Every month, Postdocs from across the School meet in either C222 of the GCRC, or atrium of the Wolfson Link complex, to catch up, chat, moan, or hear about opportunities of interest. Based on Athena Swan guidance, our sessions take place at 10am or 3pm, and of different days of the week. We occasionally have VIPs join us, like Prof Colin Berry, to discuss his role as research director, or Liane McGlynn to explain how the TRM team support our research applications (all VIPs are welcome!).

Previous Nerd Coffee Morning Events Image of a group of people

Here are some previous coffee mornings held in SCMH. 

A coffee morning was organised on Monday 4th November 2019 to celebrate the success of Athena Swan Silver Award. Both Professor Rhian Touyz and Dr Paul Welsh gave speeches thanking everyone for their dedication and hard work, as well as their shared vision for the future.