Christmas Quiz 2023

Christmas Quiz 2023 Winners

The SCMH Christmas Quiz was held on the 15th of December 2023. Huge Congratulations to “The Calling Birds” (Liz, Maia, Wai, Emma B, Alex, Alasdair, Del and Parisa) on wining the much-coveted glittery golden pipette and title of “SCMH Quiz Winners 2023”. Second year in a row for Maia to be on the winning team and Parisa was glad to secure a late space to then go on to victory.

 As ever, Lorraine would like to thank the many people that made it possible:

  • Most importantly, to Scott for putting together yet another fantastic quiz. I do not know how you do this every year! All the rounds were so much fun and really got us thinking.
  • Thanks to John and Steven for helping set up the room and making sure that none of the tables were too shoogly.
  • To Margaret for squirreling away tablecloths and sandwich platters all year round so we have those to use on the day. And supplying the cups, plates, bowls, and napkins. I was handed another of her magic bags which was full of all that was needed!
  • To Josie for periodically filling the “beer bucket” with ice over the morning on Friday. And reserving a space for us in the Basement Bar once again – fair to say that we took over the karaoke (again) with some classics revisited along with some new renditions.
  • Thanks to Nic, Josie, Wai, John McA and Michelle for collecting entry fees from people across the various sites.
  • Thanks to Wai for sorting the pizzas with Little Italy and to him and Nic for helping me get them over for the break.
  • To everyone who helped with the tidy up operation once we had finished – C222 was cleared in record time and all the rubbish taken outside. Also, to Martin and Wai for emptying out the ice bin and returning this to its rightful place. (literally) and seems to have gone missing at the end.
  • Thanks to those who were unfortunately unable to attend but let me know in enough time that meant others got to take part in your place – once again, a late replacement was on the winning team. 

There was £75 leftover from the entry fees collected and this was once again donated to Social Bite. This is a Scottish based charity working with homeless people to provide them with meals and a bed The money provided has funded 15 Christmas dinners for homeless people across Scotland.

We would like to make a huge thank you to Lorraine for all the work in organising another great quiz. And a last thank you to everyone who came along the quiz the tremendous success it has been for as long as it is.