Ericka Rascon Ramirez

Ericka Rascon Ramirez is a Senior Lecturer in Development Economics at Middlesex University London. She studied a MSc in Economics at University College London (UCL) and the PhD in Economics at the University of Essex. Previously, she also worked for the Office of the President in Mexico, the Mexican Ministry of Social Development and the Research Department of The World Bank in Washington DC. She has been consultant of international organisations and of multiple governments in Africa, Europe and Latin America. 

Ericka’s research experience is in applied econometrics, development, behavioural and experimental economics. She has designed and evaluated online and field experiments in Africa and Latin America. Her research focuses on how parents influence child development and adolescent behaviour (learning, schooling and sexual outcomes), as well as how interventions can influence children's and young people's behaviour (labour market outcomes, sexual outcomes, schooling enrolment, learning skills, civic education and political participation).

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