Postgraduate taught 

Bioinformatics MSc/PgDip/PgCert

Core and optional courses

Core and optional courses

Core courses include:

  • Programming (Java)
  • Database Theory and Application
  • Foundations of Bioinformatics
  • Omics and Systems Approaches in Biology
  • These 4 courses are obligatory for those taking the MSc degree and the PgDip; they are also obligatory for those with no prior programming experience taking the PgCert.
  • 60-credit summer research project lasting 14 weeks - this is also obligatory for those taking the MSc programme; normally this will be with one of the research laboratories in Glasgow associated with the programme, but there is also the opportunity to study in suitable laboratories in other parts of the world.

Semester 2 courses (core and optional) include:

  • RNA-seq and Next Generation Transcriptomics
  • Pathogen Polyomics
  • Using Chemical Structure Databases in Drug Discovery for Protein Targets
  • Identification of Disease-Causing Genetic Variants
  • A range of more general biology and computing biology courses are also available in semester 2.

Please find additional core and optional course information in the Bioinformatics MSc Programme Structure 2017-18

Courses are subject to approval.