Funding Opportunities

Glasgow Knowledge Exchange Fund

The University has an internal investment fund aimed at supporting impact generation. The Glasgow Knowledge Exchange (KE) Fund accepts applications from all disciplines. The KE Fund has been administered on a rolling basis, enabling us to be as responsive as possible. However, as awareness around KE and impact-generation has grown, we have experienced a constant increase in applications, with the result that for 2017-18 we may not be able to guarantee full support for larger bids. We stronger suggest that you contact Gordon Meiklejohn in Research Strategy & Innovation, or your College business development or impact manager, before working on an application.

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Impact Acceleration Accounts

The Funding Councils place great emphasis on the need to plan for and drive research impacts, and the University of Glasgow has been awarded Impact Acceleration Accounts to help facilitate the external engagement and collaborations that underpin impact. Each funder has slightly different conditions, but the IAA's are administered by the institution.  We hold a number of impact acceleration funds (ESRC, EPSRC, BBSRC, STFC etc). As with the KE Fund, the applications should be underpinned by University of Glasgow research, and should focus on collaborative working with external partners, proof-of-concept work, or any targeted activity that supports the exploitation and application of research expertise and findings in the non-academic arena. 

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University Funding Initiatives

The University also operates a number of supplemental funding schemes, depending on the nature of the activities you are planning:

Other sources

The Research Councils and Government have other sources of funding which you may be interested in.

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