College of Arts & Humanities Research & Impact Support

Research is subject to many considerations such as, how might I best fund my research to achieve my goals? what should my budget look like? which partners do I need or who do I need to interact with? would a digital approach make sense? what impact am I seeking to achieve and how might I show that impact? how might I develop the transdisciplinary aspects? could my work be developed as a social enterprise? These pages are designed to help you start to answer these questions and many others. However, above all, they invite you to make contact, and it will be our pleasure to share our knowledge and experience to help you find answers.  We work together, so you are more than welcome to contact any one of us. There is no need to guess where to start as we will involve the others as you need it. Finally, if there is anything you would really like included on these pages, that is not here already, let me know (

Dr Kirstie Wild - Head of Research & Operations Strategy

Kirstie joined the College as the Head of Research and Operations Strategy in 2019 and has the pleasure of working with the Heads of the Research Office, Digital Humanities, Knowledge Exchange & Partnerships and Impact as well as ArtsLab to deliver integrated research support to Colleagues at all career stages and to make a positive contribution to the research environment in the College.

Before moving to Glasgow, she was Director for the international centre of a large danish research organisation and was responsible for international partnerships and funding. She uses her knowledge of EU funding via ArtsLab to support EU project development. Before that, she worked in Australia and the UK supporting industry to plan and fund their research and development.

Her role, together with her team and the Dean of Research, is to facilitate the College’s contribution to the University’s research strategy with a focus on collaboration, creativity and careers. This is done in many ways including development of research support, policy development, provision of data to inform strategy, outreach activity, REF readiness support as well as facilitating cross-disciplinary research opportunities both within the University and outside.

She also enjoys receiving – and trying to answer - the myriad of good questions that come her way in the course of a normal week as this is one of the best ways to find out how we can improve our research support as a College!

Kirstie has a cross-disciplinary background having a DPhil in chemistry together with qualifications in economics and ethics.

Contact Kirstie by email or by phone on 0141 330 4164


Prof Faye Hammill and the Arts Lab team

The Arts Lab team consist of three academic staff, who work for Arts Lab alongside their other activity:

The Director of Arts Lab is Professor Faye Hammill. She manages the Application Development Service, which involves a wider group of reviewers from across the College of Arts & Humanities.

The Deputy Director is Dr Matt Brennan. He oversees the Workshop programme.

The Associate Director is Dr John Davies. He leads on our collaborative Labs and Themes, and on Cross-College Collaboration.

Dr Samantha Sherry - Research Office

The Research Office team support activities relating to externally-funded research grants and research development. We help academics with grant planning, application development and post-award management and reporting.


Research Support Manager:

Samantha Sherry (currently on Parental Leave). Sam supports research planning and development activities, working closely with Arts Lab and colleagues in the Research & Operations Office as well as the other Colleges. Sam’s experience is split between academia and research support. She holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh and previously worked at the University of Reading and the University of Oxford.


Project Coordinators:

Jennifer Nimmo (currently on Parental Leave) supports History, Archaeology and Classics

Rachel MacDonald (covering for Jennifer Nimmo) supports History, Archaeology and Classics

Peter McGinty supports the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, the School of Critical Studies and Celtic & Gaelic

Lucinda Thompson supports the School of Culture & Creative Arts, Philosophy and Information Studies


Assistant Project Coordinator:

Shannon Llewellyn


Research Support Administrators:

Elaine Wilson supports a range of grant applications as well as provide post-award support to PIs.

Neil McIntyre is supporting HR/RO processes and IAA applications

Abida Younas supports a range of administrative work, including project costing, purchase orders, as well as pre- and post-award support.

Dr Luca Guariento - Research Systems Developer

Luca is Research Systems Developer for the College of Arts & Humanities. He advises on, and supports, the technical side of new Arts projects with a Digital Humanities component at all stages, from the writing of the funding proposal to the launch and beyond. He also takes care of legacy and past project’s web resources, making sure they keep running and solving issues that may occur at any time.

He recently updated, restyled, and revised more than twenty web resources for the REF2021 College of Arts’ submission. The number of new projects he gets involved is exponentially growing (more than ten only in the last six months), and given the increasing importance of digital tools and methodologies in research the number is only destined to grow.

Examples of web resources include Curious Travellers and Historical Music of Scotland.

Luca has a BA and MA in Musicology, and PhD in Music, and before his university career he was systems administrator in a big software house. His current position thus perfectly merges his intellectual interest in the Arts and Humanities and his passion for all things technological.

Dr Helen Green, Impact Manager

Helen has had an impact-focused role within the College of Arts & Humanities for 5 years, having come from Archaeology in 2018. Helen's role is to lead and manage impact support provision, including REF but also focused on capacity and culture. She also jointly manages the AHRC IAA, having led on the impact strategy dimensions of the College's application. 

In the run-up to REF2021, Helen managed the REF impact pipeline for the College and developed and wrote c.35 case studies of high-quality impact, 28 of which were eventually submitted. She also advised on impact strategy elements of our REF Environment submission. She has since supported large numbers of KE Fund and IAA applications, impact cases for promotion applications, and on the impact dimensions of grant applications. 

Helen's focus is on building the College’s culture and capacity for impact, managing our pipeline of impact potential and evidenced impacts, advising and supporting College and School management on impact and REF-readiness, overseing use of impact funding across multiple sources, and supporting Impact and KE professionals to provide excellent support to academic colleagues.

Helen works closely with Dr Maki Rooksby, Research Impact Officer and a specialist in engagement and evaluation who makes excellent use of a research background in Psychology to support academic colleagues effectively in both short term advice needs, and longer-term documenting and developing of impacts from research. Together they work closely with Arts & Humanities KE and Research Support colleagues, as well as Impact Officers/Managers/Advisers from the rest of the University.

Dr Fraser Rowan - College KE and Innovation Manager

Fraser has over 18 years of Knowledge Exchange within the University of Glasgow. He has initiated/facilitated projects with external organisations across the areas of Arts, Business, Chemistry, Computing Science, Education, Engineering, Law and Social Sciences. Originally based within the University's centralised Research and Enterprise (now Research and Innovation) as a Business Development Manager, Fraser joined the College of Arts & Humanities in 2010. Since then, he has supported the development of over 75 GKE Fund applications, securing in excess of £350,00 for the College of Arts & Humanities.

Fraser's role broadly encompasses all aspects of partnership and project development, in particular with the non-academic community. Crucial to the functionality of his role is his links to the University’s Contracts Team and the Commercialisation and Intellectual Property Office.

Contact Fraser by email or phone (0141 330 3885) to discuss any aspect of Knowledge Exchange, partnership or project development, including contractual, commercial and/or IP queries.


Fraser heads up a team of two KE Associates: Neil McIntyre and Lindsay Middleton. Both Neil and Lindsay assist colleagues across the College of Arts & Humanities to develop applications to GKEF and the IAA as well as supporting the development of the Catalyst program.

KE Associates:

  • Dr Neil McIntyre (School of Culture & Creative Arts and School of Humanities)
  • Lindsay Middleton (School of Critical Studies and School of Modern Languages & Cultures)