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We work in an integrated model with colleagues in Colleges and Research and Innovation. Research and Innovation staff supporting knowedge exchange, research/public engagement, research communications and research impact share working space at No 11 Professors Square with College impact officers, and regularly draw on the expertise of their colleagues in IP and commercialisation. Co-locating, and routine inclusion in support conversations, not only facilitates knowledge- and information-sharing, but provides those seeking support with all relevant expertise. This open culture, or 'matrix' model, spreads good practice, ensures relevant support for researchers, and builds a resilient portfolio of potentially impactful research and an engaged research community.

Research & Innovation Services

-> Rose-Marie Barbeau (Research Impact Manager)

-> Bhoomi Gor (Research Impact Officer)

-> Gordon Meiklejohn (Business Development Manager)

-> Zara Gladman (Public & Community Engagement Advisor) 

-> Ken Skeldon (Research Engagement Manager)

-> Mary Ryan (International Development Research Manager)

College of Arts

-> Helen Green (Research Impact Officer)

-> Fraser Rowan (Knowledge Exchange and Impact Manager)

-> Casi Dylan (Cultural Activities Coordinator, School of Culture and Creative Arts)


College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences

-> Jim Caryl (Research Impact Officer)

-> Vicky Heath (Research Impact Officer)

-> Louise Mason (Translational Research Development Manager)

-> MVLS Public Engagement Team


College of Science & Engineering

-> Elaine Hunter (Research Impact Officer)

-> Keith Dingwall (EPSRC IAA Project Manager)

-> Lynne McCorriston (Business Development Manager, Research)

-> Linsey Robertson (Research Development Manager)

-> David Nisbet (Research Development Manager)

-> Caroline Hogarth (IAA KE Associate for Healthcare Technologies/Medical Engineering, and Industrial Biotechnology)

-> Neil Findlay (IAA KE Associate for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainability and the Environment)

 -> Steffan Gwyn (IAA KE Associate for Photonics, Space, and Quantum Technologies)

College of Social Sciences

-> Lewis Thomson (Research Impact Officer)

-> Monique Campbell (Community Engagement Officer)

-> Judy Wasige (Community Engagement Officer)

-> Michael Gray (Business Engagement Officer)