Accommodation Services Policies and Procedures

Accommodation Guarantee and Admissions Policies

Did you know that most new students, including International students are guaranteed accommodation (subject to conditions)? Please view our Admissions Policies for more details.

Admissions policies

Assistance Dogs Policy

Information on the provision of accommodation for students with Assistance Dogs.

Assistance Dogs Policy

Complaint Procedure

Information on how to make a complaint, who to make a complaint to and how complaints are handled by Accommodation Services.

Confiscation of Items

Confiscation of items from resident bedrooms/flats

COVID-19 Rules and Guidance

Students in University of Glasgow Accommodation are expected to adhere to Scottish Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) rules and the University will not tolerate any behaviour which breaches clear guidelines, causes disruption, or puts others at risk.

Equality and Accessibility

Fire Procedure

Details of the University's procedures to be followed in managing false fire activations and fire occurrences within the residences.

Fire Safety Policy

Appendix 1 - Student Sanctions for Fire Safety Breaches

Good Neighbour and Noise Policies

How the University deals with noise issues and guidance on how to be a good neighbour in residence.

Good neighbour policy (PDF)

Noise policy 

Maintenance and Repairs

Please visit your residence page to request a repair. 

Emergency Repairs: Including the re-instatement of a utility or vital service or a temporary repair prior to a full repair being carried out e.g. serious water leaks, roof leaks, faulty door locks, failure of heating and water systems should be reported to your site office/duty member of staff as soon as possible.

Overnight Guest Procedure and Guidelines

Information on the procedure and guidelines to be followed when accommodating overnight guests.

 Overnight Guest Procedure

 Overnight Guest Guidelines

Please note overnight guests are not permitted during Arrivals Weekend or Freshers Week.

Privacy Notices (Accommodation Services)

The following privacy notices explain how The University of Glasgow will process your personal data in relation to the provision of University accommodation.

Student Accommodation Privacy Notice

Guest - Vacation Accommodation Privacy Notice


Residential Student Code of Conduct

The Residential Code of Conduct provides clear guidelines on the responsibilities of Residents. All are required to familiarise themselves with their responsibilities and abide by the Terms and Conditions of their Accommodation Contract. The Residential Code of Conduct and other policies listed form part of the Accommodation Contract. Any resident who breaches the Terms and Conditions of the Accommodation Contract or Residential Code of Conduct may be subject to Sanctions and /or Disciplinary Procedures.

Residential Code of Conduct 09-21

Student Conduct and Sanctions in Residence



Student Recharge Procedure

Provides information on how the University recovers costs associated to loss, damage or vandalism caused to
property, fixtures, fittings, furniture and equipment by residents or their visitors of any accommodation managed by the University.

Student Recharge Procedure

Unacceptable Flats

The purpose of these guidelines is to detail the procedures that will be followed if the common areas of student accommodation are found to be in an unacceptable condition. These guidelines will apply to any accommodation managed by or on behalf of the University of Glasgow.

Unacceptable Flats

University's Student Contract (Senate Office)

The Student Contract is a legally binding agreement between you and the University comprising three documents: your offer of study, the Student Terms and Conditions and the University Regulations.

Details can be found on the Senate Office web page. 

Please note the Student Contract is published in August for the upcoming academic year. Please ensure you refer to the Contract for the current year of study/accommodation contract.