Welcome to the website for Safety and Environmental Protection Service, or SEPS for short.  We are here to help with guidance and training on matters connected to workplace health and safety and environmental protection in the University.  Please follow one of the links below to begin.

If you are looking for information about Covid-19/Coronavirus please consult the University Coronavirus Guidance page.

Health Protection Scotland offer additional useful information, including advice to first responders / First Aiders. The following advice is also available for first aiders. Rescusitation Council UK Statement on Covid-19 in relation to first aid and CPR

For those working from home, please see our Computers page on how best to set up a computer workstation and this short list of tips if you are setting a laptop up at home. Homeworking - Computer set up tips.
This guidance, Working safely during the Covid 19 measures is for those who are still at work on campus.

You have certain legal rights at work in relation to health and safety.  These are explained on the HSE Safety Law Leaflet.  You will find a poster with similar information displayed in most of the larger University buildings.

SEPS aim to handle all personal data in accordance with legal requirements.  Our data protection policy is available at the following link. SEPS Privacy Notice