Student Contract

The UofG sign in the Hunterian Museum

The Student Contract is an agreement between you and the University of Glasgow. You will be required to 'sign up' to it online each year as part of your academic registration.

The Student Contract sets out your rights and obligations as well as the University’s rights and obligations.

The Student Contract is legally binding and is made up of the following:

You should read the Student Contract prior to accepting an offer of a place at the University and/or before registration. A wide range of information is covered, key areas are highlighted below.

Data Protection

We will handle your personal information fairly and appropriately as set out in our Privacy Notice for students and our Privacy Notice for applicants.

Degree Regulations

The regulations for your degree will be published in the University Regulations under the relevant College section. This document used to be called the University Calendar and you may hear staff refer to the regulations in this way. You should refer to the edition of the Regulations (or previously the Calendar) for the year you first registered for your degree. If you have difficulty locating your degree regulations please contact the Senate Office at

The programme specification will also provide further details about your degree. See:

Regulations relating to academic assessment for your degree are covered in the Code of Assessment.

Further information on assessment is also available at:

Fees and Charges

Tuition fees and other charges may be payable as set out in Section 6 of the Student Terms and Conditions. Section 6.7 of the Student Terms and Conditions sets out what happens if you fail to pay any tuition fees which are due.

Support for Disabled Students


Sometimes changes to published programmes or courses are necessary. See section 10 of the Student Terms and Conditions. Given current circumstances related to the Covid-19 global pandemic it is anticipated that some usual arrangements for teaching on campus will be modified to ensure safety for students and staff; changes may be necessary, or beneficial, during the course of the academic year as national requirements relating to management of the pandemic are revised.

As we develop our academic provision, changes are proposed through our Course and Programme Approval process which includes the opportunity for students to provide feedback on proposals.

In some cases students may seek to transfer programmes or courses. See Course Transfer Policy.

If you are a registered student you can end the Student Contract by completing and submitting a Withdrawal Form.


Termination and Cancellation

Section 19 of the Student Terms and Condition sets out how the contract may be brought to an end, including your cancellation rights.


Section 16 of the Student Terms and Conditions sets out the University’s liability to you, including what we are responsible for and what we are not responsible for.

Section 21 sets out what happens in circumstances outside of the University’s control, such as adverse weather or a public health emergency.



Complaints and Academic Appeals

The University has a Complaints Procedure which allows students to raise matters of concern without fear of disadvantage and in the knowledge that privacy and confidentiality will be respected. There is also a Whistleblowing Policy which allows serious concerns to be raised about the operation and governance of the University.

If you are dissatisfied with an academic decision relating to your studies, you can make an academic appeal by following the procedures set out in our Codes of Appeal.