The Andersonian Collection

Buddha statue from the Andersonian Collection“…In 1888 the Governors of the West of Scotland Technical College made over to the Hunterian Museum the Zoological and Ethnological Museum of the Andersonian University (later known as Anderson’s College, and now merged in the Technical College), the space being required for collections bearing on subjects taught in the College.  Technical students have admission to the Hunterian Museum for purposes of study.  The collection so transferred, of great value and extent, represents the generosity of the naturalists and merchants of Glasgow, to whom the Hunterian is also under great obligation…” Extract from University Calendar 1901-2 (p.158-159).

The Hunterian gained many fine additions to the collection, among these an assemblage of Buddha figures which were collected by John Anderson, founder of the Andersonian Museum. They are all from Burma and show Gautama Buddha, universally accepted as the Supreme Buddha. Buddha’s hands are touching the earth which is the most common pose of the Buddha. Each pose has a very specific meaning to Buddhists who make offerings to, and pray before, Buddha images. Buddha always has a serene expression or a faint smile as he has achieved the bliss of enlightenment.