Partner Engagement

Below you will find courses, resources and workshops available to enhance your development in terms of  engagement, ranging from community and business engagement to internationalisation.

Community Engagement

Public and community engagement can greatly benefit you and your research, and it is embedded in the Knowledge Exchange & Innovation Strategy: 'By engaging the public with our research we provide unique insight to our work, highlight the human story behind research endeavours and build public trust in the value of what we do'.


The following course has been created and tailored by our Community Engagement experts.

Community Engagement: An Exploration Beginner Online

Access this online, self-guided course here.

  •  Public Engagement - this page lists the upcoming courses run by Public Engagement.


  • Public Engagement at UofG - watch this short, informative video by Zara Gladman highlighting what public engagement is and why you should engage externally.
  • #UofGEngageForum - this is a new space for staff, students and partners interested in public and community engagement to come together, share ideas, network and build a community.
  • Engaging with Research Users - Research and Innovation collated a range of resources on engaging with the public, businesses and policy makers on their page.


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Business Engagement

The most productive academic-business partnerships are those that last. View our resources below to enhance your business engagement knoweldge:


  • Aspect - Aspect is a growing network of organisations working together to support innovation, entrepreneurship and research commercialisation in social sciences.
  • The Gaitherin - The Gaitherin is a regular meet-up of Glasgow's entrepreneurs and academic researchers; a forum where business challenges can be shared, where new research outputs can be showcased, and where new ideas for collaboration can be forged.
  • Knowledge Exchange & Innovation - Knowledge exchange (KE) is an important channel for research to yield real benefits to the wider society and economy. This page contains useful information on funding opportunities, support and key contacts.
  • Engaging with Research Users - The Research and Innovation department have collated a range of resources on engaging with the public, businesses and policy makers.


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Policy Engagement

Effectively engaging with policymakers means being able to successfully communicate your research in a way that is easy to understand and impactful. The resources below are designed to help you communicate your research effectively to policymakers.



Global connectivity enhances our educational offerings, our research capability and our societal impact, creating an environment in which our colleagues, students and wider communities can thrive. Browse the funding opportunities and resources below to enhance you internationalisation knowledge and skills:

Funding Opportunities:

  • Internationalisation Funding Opportunities - this page lists internal and external funding opportunities available.
  • Early Career Mobility Scheme - this internal scheme aims to develop early career researchers and to strengthen institutional partnerships by enhancing research collaborations with key partners.
  • Radboud-Glasgow Collaboration Fund - academic and professional staff from all disciplines at Radboud and Glasgow and their affiliated Research Centres and Institutes are invited to apply for this new funding opportunity.
  • International Partnership Development Fund (IPDF) - this internal fund is for UofG staff to pump prime the development of international partnerships with high-quality academic institutions and education providers worldwide.


  • CIVIS - a European University Alliance - CIVIS brings together nine leading research universities from nine countries across Europe, with the goal to create a truly European interuniversity space to facilitate collaboration across national borders between academics and researchers. 

  • The GUILD - The Guild works closely with the European Commission, European and national parliamentarians, officials and others to secure outstanding strategic and practical outcomes that will benefit the myriad communities of Europe. Their page contains useful information such as funding opportunities and upcoming events.