Funding & Grant Applications

Discover a range of courses and resources below to help develop your funding and grant application skills, from starting your grant application with a one page idea, to costing a proposal.

For research funding support and key contacts, please visit our Research Support page.

Funding Landscape


Crafting a Grant Application

View our resources below to help you get started on writing a high-quality grant application.


  • Common Comments on Grant Applications - an important read before writing your application, our Dean of Research Sally Wyke has collated a list of common comments made when reviewing applications.
  • Parker Derrington Blog - this blog has excellent guidance and advice on how to write grant applications, including a Key Sentences exercise to help you get started in writing your application.
  • ESRC: How to write a good proposal - the ESRC has put together a comprehensive guide on how to write a good proposal, including an informative video from grant assessment panel chairs.
  • Writing a One Page Project Idea - this short overview outlines how to go from a blank page to a one page project idea using a simple six part structure.
  • Attacking your first grant application - A compendium of first-grant advice, written by Adam Golberg, a research development manager at the University of Nottingham. 

Reviewing Applications

Discover a range of courses and resources below to help you effectively review your own application, as well as improve your peer review skills to support your colleagues and overall research community.


  • Responding to referees' comments - a short Moodle course from Dean of Research, Sally Wyke, on how to respond to referees' comments on your grant application.


  • Peer Review - the College peer review page outlines the peer review stages according to the size and destination of the proposal.
  • ESRC: Guidance for peer reviewers - the ESRC has a list of guides available on the peer review process.

Costing a Proposal

View our resources below to improve your knowledge and understanding of costing. Please note: your assigned project coordinator is also available to calculate costs and provide further guidance.


  • Costing – The Research Gateway team have an excellent webpage on costing advice, including an informative table on who to contact based on different types of cost.

EU Funding

All EU funded projects are supported by our Overseas Team. Browse the resources below to find out more.


  • Introduction to the European Research Council (ERC) - this introductory guide provided by the Overseas team outlines different types of ERC grants, information sources and helpful webinars.
  • Overseas Team - the Overseas Team webpage contains a list of key contacts for any enquiries. If you are thinking of applying for any EU funding, make sure to get in touch with the College Research Development Team and Overseas Team.