One European University, nine campuses, countless opportunities

Created in 2019, CIVIS brings together ten leading research universities from ten countries across Europe, with the goal to create a truly European interuniversity space to facilitate collaboration across national borders between academics and researchers. 

Located in ten countries, six of which in European capitals, CIVIS will offer you a rich multicultural and multilingual environment, with seamless mobility to study, train, work and collaborate in any of the CIVIS member universities.   

Find out more about the exciting opportunities available to you across the Alliance. 

CIVIS academy and workshops

Workshops on innovative pedagogies:  

CIVIS is offering a series of webinars throughout the academic year,  open to academics from all fields of expertise, with the aim to share expertise in higher education teaching & learning and to stimulate pedagogical innovation. 

Contact Celine Reynaud if you would like to propose a webinar for the CIVIS community.

CIVIS academy: 

Learn new things or share your professional experience, knowledge and skills with your international peers through workshops and training courses offered by the Alliance. Check out the CIVIS Academy regularly to find opportunities.

MSCA Post Doc Fellowships

In May 2021, CIVIS members launched an initiative to facilitate the collaborations between researchers and supervisors within the framework of the Marie Sklodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships.  

Supervisors of any research field were invited to express their interest to host a MSCA researcher by registering in the CIVIS database. The process resulted in identifying almost 1000 supervisors. 

Researchers from any age, nationality and discipline with a doctoral degree, a maximum of 8 years of full-time research experience and who have not resided or carried out their main activity in the country of the beneficiary for more than 12 months in the previous three years are encouraged to explore the database in search for a potential supervisor. 

Find out more about the CIVIS3i project or apply for one of the 16 fellowships in the first call.

CIVIS for your PhD students

The aim of the alliance is to foster a collaborative ecosystem to allow PhD students to move seamlessly between in education, work and research.  Your students can: 

  • Benefit from exclusive courses, free to students registered at a CIVIS partner. Check the list of CIVIS courses. Contact the Go Abroad team for funding opportunities.
  • Network with CIVIS researchers.  

Mobility opportunities: 

Project Managers at each CIVIS institutions can help identifying contacts relevant to your student’s project and facilitate introductions. Contact the CIVIS project manager at Glasgow, Celine Reynaud to discuss. 


28 February-2 March 2023: Doctoral Days at the University of Tübingen

The University of Tübingen is pleased to open their online workshops to all PhD students within the CIVIS-Network, during their Doctoral Days event.

All workshops are free of charge. Registration is necessary for each workshop. Programme and registration details.

Contact Stefanie Wilke at the University of Tübingen for further details

Contribute to the CIVIS Community

Whether you are an academic staff, a researcher or a professional staff, there are opportunities for you to get involved in the co-creation of educational pathways, in collaborative research projects and Open Labs, or in the administration of CIVIS.

Visit the CIVIS Community for more information.

Civic Engagement

Think Global Act Local:

Each Member of CIVIS created an Open Lab and will be inviting staff and students to become active members of projects in partnership with their local, national, global communities.

Global Initiative: 

CIVIS Open Labs have come together for the Naturashare initiative. Join the initiative and contribute to mapping the biodiversity of the CIVIS cities across Europe. We're planning local Naturashare activities on campus in September, so keep in touch to hear more.

Glasgow Open Lab:

The University of Glasgow launched their Open Lab at the end of May 2022. Learn about the 2022 projets here.

Find out about the 2024 ‘Solutions for Change’.project here - Postgraduate students are invited to apply before 10 May 2024.

Keep checking this page for updates on projects or get in touch with the Open Lab team.

Learn or practice a Language

Brush up your language skills and meet new people.

The CIVIS Digital Language Cafés are organised by the Språkstudion at Stockholm University. They are designed to both learn new languages and to maintain language skills in a fun and informal setting, and they are free!

Join the Digital Language Cafés or Become a language coordinator for the cafés


CIVIS Online tandems

Practice a foreign language online with native speakers or more proficient peers. 

All CIVIS staff and students can register for tandems English, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch, French, Japanese and Swedish for free! The language team in Stockholm University will match you with a colleague or a student to start practicing.

Sign up for the Tandem programme.