Researcher Development

Researcher Development Programme

The Researcher Development Programme has been designed to provide you with opportunities to develop your knowledge and skill across a broad range of areas that will benefit you and your research.

The programme runs across the academic year and is part of a larger array of resources available to you as a researcher within Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

Although individual courses may be geared towards attendees on particular development pathways such as the ECDP, sessions are normally open to all to attend.

Click the Courses headings below for a summary of the courses on offer in the 2020/2021 Programme. Full details of individual sessions are available on the appropriate booking systems. 

Courses marked with a C can be booked via CoreHR and those marked with an M via Moodle. Use the links provided to access the two systems.


Courses: Getting research funding

Learn how to develop your research ideas into a well-structured, comprehensive project proposal that delivers what the funder is looking for.

  • Grant Skills C - 21 January 2021, 14.00-16.00 (course code: SOCSRDP1, course ID: C12388)
  • Funding Landscape C - Date tbc
  • Reviewing a grant application C - 27 January 2021, 13.00-15.00 (course code: SOCSRDP2, couse ID: C12389)
  • Collaborative Research C - Date tbc
  • Responding to referees' comments on grant applications M - Date tbc
  • Writing a grant application with impact - M
  • Responding to referees' comments - a short Moodle course from Dean of Research, Sally Wyke, on how to respond to referees' comments on your grant application
  • Common Comments on Grant Applications - an important read before writing your application, our Dean of Research Sally Wyke has collated a list of common comments made when reviewing applications.

Courses: Outputs

Find out about the process being included in the publications important to your research and how to turn your work into a suitable output for the Research Excellence Framework review.

  • Getting Published C - 19 May 2021, 11.00-12.30 (course code: SOCSRDP3, course ID: C12390)
  • Writing a good publication C - Date tbc

Courses: Engagement and Impact

Your reach as a researcher is very important, whether you're looking to influence academia, policy, industry or the public. Get guidance on how to develop, resource and deliver impact personally and through partner relationships.

  • Personal Impact Planning C
  • Community Engagement C
  • Business Engagement M
  • Introduction to Policy Impact C
  • Engaging Online C
  • Introduction to Theory of Change and Logframe M

Courses: Research administration

Essential courses and resources on the Research Office and Human Resources support in place to help you manage your pre-award and post-award research activity

  • From application through to managing your live award C
  • Promotion C
  • Supporting career development (Guide for PIs) M
  • Research project recruitment M
  • Managing a project (HR guide for PIs) M
  • Post-award activity and recruitment C
  • Information for Research Line Managers - this guidance is for colleagues taking up any role involving the management of people in research.

Other development opportunities and resources