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Urban Studies

Head of Subject Prof Annette L Hastings

Teaching and Learning Director

Dr Allison M Orr
Subject Support

Sabrina Grant

Level 1 and 2 Convenor: Dr Charlotte Pearson
Susanna Oelschlagel
Honours Convenor: Dr Jing Yao/Mark Wong
Susanna Oelschlagel
Undergraduate Nankai
Dr Julie Miao/Mark Wong
Exchange Coordinator
Dr Jing Yao
Postgraduate Taught

Real Estate Convenor: Dr Allison Orr
Planning Convenor:
Dr James White
Housing Convenor:
Nigel Sprigings
Transport Convenor:
Dr David McArthur/
Dr Jinhyun Hong
MRes Convenor:
Dr Amin Kamete
MSc Nankai Convenor:
Julie Miao

Administrator: Jakki Walsh
Administrative Assistant: David Donaldson

Postgraduate Research Convenor: Prof. Moira Munro
PGR Administrator
Research  Research Director: Professor Ade Kearns/Dr Sharon Wright
Impact Champion: Professor Keith Kintrea/Dr Sharon Wright
Seminar Series Convenor Dr Ampara Tarazona Vento
Urban Studies Events & Seminars
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