The problem of social housing stigmatisation and the innovations that can minimise its effects: a panel investigation

The project involves the establishment of an investigative panel to explore the causes of stigma, to understand its effects and to consider innovative policy interventions that promote more positive public perceptions of social housing. It is framed by six research questions:

  • What are the causal factors which accentuate the stigmatisation of social housing?
  • What are the implications of stigmatisation for housing organisations, tenants and neighbourhoods?
  • What practices are deployed by housing organisations to overcome the effects of stigmatisation?
  • What role can media advocacy and marketing techniques perform in tackling stigma?
  • How might media strategies complement other strategies (such as social mix and neighbourhood renewal)?
  • What are the most effective policies that can be utilised by housing organisation to address the effects of stigmatisation?


  • Keith Jacobs (University of Tasmania)
  • Kathy Arthurson (University of Flinders)
  • Annette Hastings




Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute