Active Travel and the Role of Information and Communications Technology: A Survey-Based Study in Glasgow

This project is funded by Glasgow City Council, through their Future City Demonstrator project, and also supported by funding from the University of Glasgow.

The primary purpose of this project is to identify factors which act as barriers to active travel and examines the role which Information and Communications Technology (ICT) might play in increasing sustainable and active travel behaviour. The main research aim will be to conduct a survey into stated and revealed preferences with regard to ICT and active travel, with the objective of understanding policy, planning and design strategies necessary to increase active transport usage levels and their sustainability.


  1. To identify factors including physical or built environment as well as the social, economic and psychological aspects of travellers that have influential impacts on active travel
  2. To assess the effects of ICT on people’s active travel behaviour while controlling for other influential factors
  3. To provide information on which data should be collected and provided for planners or policy makers to overcome barriers to active travel



January 2014 to April 2015


  • Glasgow City Council
  • University of Glasgow