National Evaluation of Keep Well

Keep Well is the Scottish Government’s pilot health improvement programme aimed at reducing inequalities in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.  It is based on an anticipatory care approach and is delivered through primary care in areas of multiple deprivation.  The National Evaluation of Keep Well uses theory-based approaches allied with routinely collected data in the programmes’ wave 1 pilots to map and describe Keep Well’s implementation and outcomes.  It  uses case-studies to investigate different components of the programme, for example, it explores how outreach approaches have been developed in different ways in different areas and explores links between these contextual variations and outcomes.



  • Kate O’Donnell (General Practice & Primary Care)
  • Mhairi Mackenzie (Urban Studies)
  • Steve Platt (University of Edinburgh)
  • Sanjeev Sridharan (University of Toronto)


  • Maggie Reid
  • Fiona Turner
  • Yingying Wang


April 2007 - June 2010 (£1,000,000) 


NHS Health Scotland


Mackenzie, M., O’Donnell, K., Halliday, E., Sridharan, S., Platt S (in press 2010) ‘Contemporary health improvement programmes and the MRC guidance for the design and evaluation of complex interventions: do they fit?BMJ.

National Evaluation of Keep Well: Strategies for Reaching the Target Population, June 2009