School Management and Committees

Undergraduate School of Medicine
Senior Management

Head of Undergraduate School of Medicine Dr John Paul Leach
Deputy Head of School (Early Phases) Dr Alastair Gracie
Deputy Head of School (Clinical) Dr Malcolm Shepherd
Deputy Head of School (Assessment) Prof Jonathan Fox
Deputy Head of School (Quality Assurance) Professor Hazel Scott
Deputy Head of School (Educator Development) Dr Susan Jamieson
Undergraduate Medical School Manager Dr Helen Lloyd

Year Directors

Y1 Director Dr Alastair Gracie
Acting Y2 Director Dr Sharon Sneddon
Y3 Directors Dr James Boyle
Dr Nana Sartania
Y4 Director Dr Malcolm Shepherd
Y5 Directors Dr Jason Long
Prof Scott Nelson

School of Medicine Committees

Committee minutes are available to University of Glasgow students and staff via the Committee Section on Moodle.