Undergraduate Medical School Staff 2022-2023

Dr Margaret McMillan, Interim Head of Undergraduate School, margaret.mcmillan@glasgow.ac.uk 

Professor Malcolm Shepherd, Deputy Head of Undergraduate School, malcolm.shepherd@glasgow.ac.uk

Dr Helen Lloyd, School Manager, helen.lloyd@glasgow.ac.uk, 0141 330 4424


Enquiries: med-sch-y1mbchb@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB1 Director, Dr Genevieve Stapleton, genevieve.stapleton@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB1 Deputy Director, Dr Kirsty McIntyre, Kirsty.McIntyre@glasgow.ac.uk  

MBChB1 Clinical Lead, Miss Mairi Steven, mairi.steven@glasgow.ac.uk

Hospital Visits Lead: Dr Mohamad Guftar Shaikh, Guftar.Shaikh@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB1 Administrator, Dr Rosalind McKenna, rosalind.mckenna@glasgow.ac.uk

Early Years Administrator, Ms Giedre Marozaite, Giedre.Marozaite@glasgow.ac.uk  

Phase 1 Lead: Dr Genevieve Stapleton, genevieve.stapleton@glasgow.ac.uk & Dr Kirsty McIntyre, kirsty.mcintyre@glasgow.ac.uk

Limbs & Back Lead: Dr Janet Gardner-Medwin, janet.gardner-medwin@glasgow.ac.uk
Co-ordinator: Dr Waqar Ahmed, waqar.ahmed@glasgow.ac.uk

Cardiovascular & Respiratory Lead: Mr Ian Colquhoun, ian.colquhoun@glasgow.ac.uk
Co-ordinator: Dr Louise Miller, louise.miller@glasgow.ac.uk

Keeping People Healthy Leads: Dr Antonia Roseweir, antonia.roseweir@glasgow.ac.uk & Dr Claire Hastie, Claire.Hastie@glasgow.ac.uk
Co-ordinators: Dr Antonia Roseweir, antonia.roseweir@glasgow.ac.uk and Ms Jacquie Reilly, jacqueline.reilly@glasgow.ac.uk

Community Oriented Medical Experience Track (COMET)

COMET Lead: Dr Lynsay Crawford, lynsay.crawford@glasgow.ac.uk 

COMET Administrator, med-sch-comet@glasgow.ac.uk


Enquiries: med-sch-y2mbchb@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB2 Director, Dr Sharon Sneddon, sharon.sneddon@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB2 Deputy Director, Dr Antonia Roseweir, antonia.roseweir@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB2 Clinical lead, Dr Rahat Maitland Rahat.maitland@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

MBChB2 Hospital Visits Lead, Dr Mohamad Guftar Shaikh, Guftar.Shaikh@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB2 Administrator, Mrs Nicola Cumming, nicola.cumming@glasgow.ac.uk

Early Years Administrator, Ms Giedre Marozaite, Giedre.Marozaite@glasgow.ac.uk  

Gastrointestinal Lead: TBC and Dr Antonia Roseweir  Antonia.roseweir@glasgow.ac.uk

Reproduction, Nephrology & Urology Leads: Dr Colin Geddes, colin.geddes@ggc.scot.nhs.uk and Dr Sharon Sneddon, sharon.sneddon@glasgow.ac.uk

Endocrine Lead: Dr Marie Freel, marie.freel@glasgow.ac.uk and Dr Sarah Meek, sarah.meek@glasgow.ac.uk

Head, Neck & Neurological Systems Leads: Professor John Paul Leach john.leach@glasgow.ac.uk, Dr Amy Davidson, Amy.Davidson@glasgow.ac.uk , Professor Stuart McDonald, stuart.mcdonald@glasgow.ac.uk
and Dr Camille Huser Camille.huser@glasgow.ac.uk

People and Illness Leads: Dr Christabel Boyle, Dr Joseph Sharkey, Dr Iain Smith, Dr Paul Brown 


Early Years MBChB 

Dr Natalie Courtney, Lecturer in Biomedical Science, Natalie.Courtney@glasgow.ac.uk  

Dr Claire Fitton, Lecturer in Biomedical Science, Claire.Fitton@glasgow.ac.uk

Dr Bethany Waddington, Lecturer in Biomedical Science, Bethany.Waddington@glasgow.ac.uk

Ms Giedre Marozaite, Early Years Administrator, Giedre.Marozaite@glasgow.ac.uk 



Enquiries: med-sch-y3mbchb@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB3 Director, Dr James Boyle, james.boyle@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB3 Director, Dr Nana Sartania, nana.sartania@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB3 GP Year Director, Dr Joanna Traynor, Joanna.Traynor@glasgow.ac.uk 

Phase 3 Co-Lead, Dr Joanna Traynor, Joanna.Traynor@glasgow.ac.uk 

Phase 3 Co-Lead, Dr Paul French, Paul.French@ggc.scot.nhs.uk 

CBL Coordinator, Dr Sharon Sneddon, sharon.sneddon@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB3 Administrator, Ms Veronika Flaskarova, Veronika.Flaskarova@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB3 Communication Skills Administrator, Arlene Murphy, arlene.murphy@glasgow.ac.uk or med-sch-y3comms@glasgow.ac.uk
Week 1 Genetics Lead: Professor Ed Tobias, edward.tobias@glasgow.ac.uk

Week 2 General Pathological Mechanisms Lead: Dr Karin Oien, karin.oien@glasgow.ac.uk

Week 3 Female GU Lead: Dr Geraldine O'Dowd, geraldine.o'dowd@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

Week 4 Haematology Lead: Dr Edward Fitzsimons, edward.fitzsimons@glasgow.ac.uk

Week 5 Cardiology Lead: Dr Pardeep Jhund, pardeep.jhund@glasgow.ac.uk

Week 6 General Microbiology Lead: Dr Brian Jones, brian.jones@glasgow.ac.uk

Week 7 Infection Lead: Dr Brian Jones, brian.jones@glasgow.ac.uk

Week 8 Respiratory Lead: Dr Anne McKay, anne.mckay@glasgow.ac.uk

Week 9 Endocrinology/Metabolic Medicine Lead: Dr Frances McManus, frances.mcmanus@glasgow.ac.uk and Dr Kate Hughes, kate.hughes2@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Week 10 Dermatology Lead: Dr Grant Wylie, grant.wylie@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Week 11 Orthopaedics/Rheumatology Lead: Dr Jane Madeley, jane.madeley@glasgow.ac.uk and Dr Neil McGuchan, neil.mcguchan@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Week 12 Neurology Lead: Dr Ed Newman, edward.newman@glasgow.ac.uk 

Week 13 GI/Liver Lead: Dr Adrian Stanley, adrian.stanley@ggc.scot.nhs.uk and Dr Sioban Fraser, siobanfraser@nhs.net

Week 14 Renal/Male GU Lead: Dr Emily McQuarrie, emily.mcquarrie@glasgow.ac.uk

Week 15 General Practice: Professor Lindsey Pope, lindsey.pope@glasgow.ac.uk

Clinical Practice in the Community

Clinical Practice in the Community Lead, Dr Zoe Noonan, zoe.noonan@glasgow.ac.uk
CPC & GP Placements Administrator, Miss Eimear King, Eimear.King@glasgow.ac.uk or med-sch-gp-placements@glasgow.ac.uk

Intercalated BSc

BSc (MedSci) Director, Professor Tom Evans, tom.evans@glasgow.ac.uk

BSc (MedSci) Coordinator, Dr William Miller, william.h.miller@glasgow.ac.uk

BSc (MedSci) Coordinator, Dr Louise Miller, louise.miller@glasgow.ac.uk 

BSc (MedSci) Administrator, Mrs Laura McMichael, 0141 330 8349, laura.mcmichael@glasgow.ac.uk


Enquiries: med-sch-y4mbchb@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB4 Director, Mr Paul Glen, Paul.Glen@glasgow.ac.uk 

MBChB4 Director (General Practice), Dr Craig Napier, craig.napier@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB4 Administrator, Ms Alison Deere, Alison.Deere@glasgow.ac.uk 

Phase 4 Clinical Placements Administrator, TBC


Enquiries: med-sch-y5mbchb@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB5 Director, Dr Jason Long, jason.long@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB5 Director (General Practice), Dr Maria Duffy, Maria.Duffy@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB5 Administrator, Ms Alison Deere, Alison.Deere@glasgow.ac.uk 

Phase 4 Clinical Placements Administrator, TBC

Year 4 & 5 Clinical Leads

Medicine: Dr James Boyle, james.boyle@glasgow.ac.uk

Surgery: Mr Paul Glen, paul.glen@gla.ac.uk

Cardiology: Mr Alan Kirk, alan.kirk@gjnh.scot.nhs.uk

Emergency Medicine: Dr Hannah Smith, hannah.smith@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

ENT: Miss May Yaneza, may.yaneza@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

General Practice: Dr Jilly Hamilton, jillian.hamilton@glasgow.ac.uk

Neurology: Dr Ed Newman, edward.newman@nhs.net

Clinical Neuroscience Co-Lead, Dr Claire Gall, Claire.Gall@ggc.scot.nhs.uk 

Clinical Neuroscience Co-Lead, Dr Samih.Hassan, Samih.Hassan@glasgow.ac.uk 

Obstetrics & Gynaecology: Dr Carla Summerhill, Carla.Summerhill@ggc.scot.nhs.uk (Core Teaching Week Lead); Dr Annapurna Pandravada, Annapurna.Pandravada@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

Ophthalmology: Dr Cliff Weir, clifford.weir@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Orthopaedics: Mr Nasir Hussain, nasir.hussain@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Paediatrics Lead: Dr Janet Gardner-Medwin, janet.gardner-medwin@glasgow.ac.uk

Psychological Medicine: Dr Angela Cogan, angela.cogan@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Psychological Medicine: Dr Navesh Puri, navesh.puri@ggc.scot.nhs.uk & Dr Jason Lang, Jason.Lang@glasgow.ac.uk

Anaesthesia: Dr Mohammed Al-Haddad, Mohammed.AlHaddad@glasgow.ac.uk

Preparation for Practice

Preparation for Practice Lead, Dr Fozia Nazir, Fozia.Nazir@glasgow.ac.uk

Preparation for Practice Lead, Dr Andrew Brunton, Andrew.Brunton@glasgow.ac.uk

PfP Administrator, med-sch-pfp@glasgow.ac.uk

Vertical Themes

Anatomy & Imaging: Dr Cindy Chew, cindy.chew@glasgow.ac.uk 

Bereavement & Death: Dr Fiona Finlay, fiona.finlay@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Biomedical Sciences: Dr Janet Gardner-Medwin, janet.gardner-medwin@glasgow.ac.uk

Clinical Oncology: Dr Yun Yi Tan, YunYi.Tan@glasgow.ac.uk   

Clinical Reasoning: Joint Leads - Dr James Boyle, james.boyle@glasgow.ac.uk & Dr Martin Hughes, martinhughes3@nhs.net

Communication Skills: Dr Elaine Taylor, elaine.taylor@glasgow.ac.uk

Global & Planetary Heath: Dr Nayanika Basu, Noy.Basu@glasgow.ac.uk

Infectious Diseases: Dr Neil Ritchie, Neil.Ritchie@glasgow.ac.uk

Leadership & Management: Dr Ann Chapman, Ann.Chapman@glasgow.ac.uk  

Microbiology: Dr Michael Murphy, michaelmurphy1@nhs.net

Palliative Care: Dr Fiona Finlay, fiona.finlay@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Pharmacology: Dr Linsay McCallum, Linsay.Mccallum@glasgow.ac.uk

Physical Activity: Dr Craig Napier, Craig.Napier@glasgow.ac.uk 

Professionalism: Dr Scott Oliver, Scott.Oliver@glasgow.ac.uk  

Public Health: Lead TBC, and Ms Jacquie Reilly, Deputy, jacqueline.reilly@glasgow.ac.uk

Simulation: Dr Fiona Burton, Fiona.Burton@glasgow.ac.uk

Surgery: Mr Paul Glen, Paul.Glen@glasgow.ac.uk & Mr Alan Meldrum, Alan.Meldrum@glasgow.ac.uk 

Ethics: Dr Al Dowie, Al.Dowie@glasgow.ac.uk

Clinical & Procedural Skills

CAPS Lead, Dr Jason Long, jason.long@glasgow.ac.uk

CAPS Deputy Leads, Dr Jemma McGrory (Gemma.McGrory@ggc.scot.nhs.uk) & Dr Gary Manson (Gary.Manson@glasgow.ac.uk)

Chief Technician & Clinical Resource Manager, Mrs Laura Haddow, Laura.Haddow@glasgow.ac.uk 

Clinical Skills Assistant, Mr Nathan McGauley, Nathan.McGauley@glasgow.ac.uk 


Vocational Studies

Director of Vocational Studies, Dr Lynsay Crawford, lynsay.crawford@glasgow.ac.uk

Deputy Director of Vocational Studies, Dr Lynsey Yeoman, Lynsey.Yeoman@glasgow.ac.uk

GP University Teacher, Dr Chris Tervit, chris.tervit@glasgow.ac.uk

Simulated Patient Lead, Dr Roslyn Pettigrew, Roslyn.Pettigrew@glasgow.ac.uk

VS Teaching Administrator, Miss Claire Watters, Claire.Watters@glasgow.ac.uk or med-sch-vs@glasgow.ac.uk


Community Based Education

Director of Community Based Education, Professor Lindsey Pope, lindsey.pope@glasgow.ac.uk

General Practice Administrative Officer, Miss Suzanne McDowall, suzanne.mcdowall@glasgow.ac.uk

Student Selected Components

SSC Director, Dr Joanne Burke, joanne.burke@glasgow.ac.uk

Deputy SSC Director, Dr Camille Huser, camille.huser@glasgow.ac.uk

Deputy SSC Director, Dr Sharon Sneddon, Sharon.Sneddon@glasgow.ac.uk 

SSC Administrator, Mrs Maureen Gibson, med-sch-ssc@glasgow.ac.uk or Maureen.Gibson@glasgow.ac.uk 


Electives Director, Dr Craig Napier, Craig.Napier@glasgow.ac.uk 

Electives Administrator, Mrs Nicola Cumming, med-sch-outgoing-electives@glasgow.ac.uk 

MBChB Examinations

Assessment Enquiries: med-sch-assessment@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB Assessment Committee Chair, Dr Carol Ditchfield, 0141 330 8057, carol.ditchfield@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB1 Exam Co-ordinator, Dr Carol Ditchfield, 0141 330 8057, carol.ditchfield@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB2 Exam Co-ordinator, Dr Sharon Sneddon, 0141 330 8032, sharon.sneddon@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB2 Exam Co-ordinator, Dr Sarah Meek, Sarah.Meek@glasgow.ac.uk  

MBChB1 MILE Co-ordinator, Dr Camille Huser, 0141 330 8038, camille.huser@glasgow.ac.uk

Vocational Studies Coursework Lead, Dr Lynsay Crawford, 0141 330 8350, lynsay.crawford@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB1 Coursework Coordinator, Dr Kirsty McIntyre, 0141 30 8025, kirsty.mcintyre@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB2 Coursework Co-ordinator, Dr Amanda Britten, Amanda.Britten@glasgow.ac.uk 

MBChB3, 4 & 5 Exam Coordinator, Dr Rajan Patel, rajan.patel@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB3 Exam Co-ordinator, Dr James Boyle, james.boyle@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB4 Exam Co-ordinator, Dr Paul Glen, paul.glen@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

MBChB Deputy Written Exams Co-ordinator, Dr Russell Drummond, Russell.Drummond@glasgow.ac.uk  

MBChB5 Exam Co-ordinator, Dr Jason Long, jason.long@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB5 Exam Coordinator, Dr Ed Newman, edward.newman@glasgow.ac.uk 

Clinical Assessment Lead, Mr Ian Colquhoun, Ian.Colquhoun@glasgow.ac.uk

Clinical Assessment Lead, Dr Zoe Noonan,  Zoe.Noonan@glasgow.ac.uk

Assessment Administrator, Ms Linda Cigurova, linda.cigurova@glasgow.ac.uk

Assessment Administrator, Mrs Ina Marko, Ina.Marko@glasgow.ac.uk 


Academic Studies Advice

MVLS Effective Learning Adviser, Dr Scott Ramsay, Scott.Ramsay.2@glasgow.ac.uk

Student Support

Enquiries: med-sch-welfare@glasgow.ac.uk

Head of Student Support, Dr Angela Cogan, angela.cogan@glasgow.ac.uk 

Deputy Head of Student Support, Dr Clare Henderson, clare.henderson@glasgow.ac.uk 

Student Support Administrator, Ms Megan Carlin, Megan.Carlin@glasgow.ac.uk

Student Support Administrator, Ms Eilidh Mitchell, Eilidh.Mitchell@glasgow.ac.uk 

MBChB Admissions

Enquiries: med-sch-admissions@glasgow.ac.uk 

Director of MBChB Admissions, Prof Matthew Walters, matthew.walters@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB Admissions Lead, Dr Chris Kelly, Christopher.Kelly.2@glasgow.ac.uk 

UG Medical School Deputy Manager, Meg Reid, meg.reid@glasgow.ac.uk

Admissions Administrator, Ms Beth Shanoon, beth.shanoon@glasgow.ac.uk 

School Administration, Finance & Quality Assurance

UG Medical School Manager, Dr Helen Lloyd, helen.lloyd@glasgow.ac.uk, 0141 330 4424

UG Medical Deputy School Manager, Ms Meg Reid, meg.reid@glasgow.ac.uk, 0141 330 8340

MBChB Quality Assurance Lead, Dr Nazim Ghouri, Nazim.Ghouri@glasgow.ac.uk 

School Library Reception, Catherine Milmore, med-sch-library@glasgow.ac.uk or Catherine.Milmore@glasgow.ac.uk 

SoMDN Data Analyst, Laura McGowan, Laura.McGowan@glasgow.ac.uk

ACT Finance Office, Miss Evelyn Laing, evelyn.laing@glasgow.ac.uk, 0141 330 8024

Patient and Public Involvement Officer, med-sch-simulatedpatients@glasgow.ac.uk