Undergraduate Medical School Staff 2017/2018

Undergraduate Medical School Staff 2017/2018

Undergraduate Medical School
Dr John Paul Leach, Head of Undergraduate School, john.leach@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Alastair Gracie, Deputy Head of School (Early Phases), alastair.gracie@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Malcolm Shepherd, Deputy Head of School (Later Phases), malcolm.shepherd@glasgow.ac.uk
Professor Jonathan Fox, Deputy Head of School (Assessment), jonathan.fox@glasgow.ac.uk
Professor Susan Jamieson, Deputy Head of School (Educator Development), susan.jamieson@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Nazim Ghouri, Quality Assurance Lead, nazim.ghouri@glasgow.ac.uk
Mrs Eunice Duncan, Undergraduate Medical School Manager, eunice.duncan@glasgow.ac.uk

Year 1
Dr Alastair Gracie, Director, alastair.gracie@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Margaret-Ann Flynn, Deputy, margaret-ann.flynn@glasgow.ac.uk
Ms Elaine Jamieson, Secretary, 0141 330 6499, elaine.jamieson@glasgow.ac.uk

Phase 1 Lead: Dr Genevieve Stapleton, genevieve.stapleton@glasgow.ac.uk
Co-ordinator: Aileen Linn, aileen.linn@glasgow.ac.uk
Limbs & Back Lead: Dr Janet Gardner-Medwin, janet.gardner-medwin@glasgow.ac.uk
Co-ordinator: Dr Waqar Ahmed, waqar.ahmed@glasgow.ac.uk
Cardiovascular & Respiratory Lead: Co-ordinator: Dr Margaret-Ann Flynn, margaret-ann.flynn@glasgow.ac.uk
Keeping People Healthy Leads: Dr Cathy Johnman, cathy.johnman@glasgow.ac.uk and Dr James Paton, james.paton@glasgow.ac.uk
Co-ordinators: Dr Leah Marks, leah.marks@glasgow.ac.uk and Ms Jacquie Reilly, jacqueline.reilly@glasgow.ac.uk

Year 2
Dr Stuart McDonald, Director, stuart.mcdonald@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Sharon Sneddon, Deputy, sharon.sneddon@glasgow.ac.uk
Mrs Maureen Gibson, Secretary, 0141 330 4281, maureen.gibson@glasgow.ac.uk

Gastrointestinal Lead: Prof Kenneth McColl, kenneth.mccoll@glasgow.ac.uk
Co-ordinator: Dr Waqar Ahmed, waqar.ahmed@glasgow.ac.uk
Reproduction, Nephrology & Urology Leads: Dr Colin Geddes, colin.geddes@ggc.scot.nhs.uk and
Dr Sharon Sneddon, sharon.sneddon@glasgow.ac.uk
Co-ordinator: Dr Sharon Sneddon, sharon.sneddon@glasgow.ac.uk
Endocrine Lead: Dr Marie Freel, marie.freel@glasgow.ac.uk
Co-ordinator: Dr Sarah Meek, sarah.meek@glasgow.ac.uk
Head, Neck & Neurological Systems Leads: Prof Andrew Todd, andrew.todd@glasgow.ac.uk and Dr Stuart McDonald, stuart.mcdonald@glasgow.ac.uk
Co-ordinator: Dr Sarah Meek, sarah.meek@glasgow.ac.uk
People and Illness Leads: Dr Angela Cogan, angela.cogan@ggc.scot.nhs.uk and Dr Genevieve Stapleton, genevieve.stapleton@glasgow.ac.uk

Year 3
Dr James Boyle, Director, james.boyle@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Nana Sartania, Director, nana.sartania@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Margaret McMillan, Deputy, margaret.mcmillan3@nhs.net
Dr Sharon Sneddon, CBL Coordinator, sharon.sneddon@glasgow.ac.uk
Mrs Hannah Mackay, Secretary, 0141 330 8036/0141 451 1346, hannah.mackay@glasgow.ac.uk

Week 1 Genetics Lead: Prof Ed Tobias, edward.tobias@glasgow.ac.uk
Week 2 General Pathological Mechanisms Lead: Dr Karin Oien, karin.oien@glasgow.ac.uk
Week 3 Haematology Lead: Dr Edward Fitzsimons, edward.fitzsimons@glasgow.ac.uk
Week 4 Female GU Lead: Dr Karin Oien, karin.oien@glasgow.ac.uk
Week 5 Cardiology Lead: Dr Pardeep Jhund, pardeep.jhund@glasgow.ac.uk
Week 6 Microbiology Lead: Dr Brian Jones, brian.jones@glasgow.ac.uk
Week 7 Infection Lead: Dr Brian Jones, brian.jones@glasgow.ac.uk
Week 8 Respiratory Lead: Dr Anne McKay, anne.mckay@glasgow.ac.uk
Week 10 Dermatology Lead: Dr Grant Wylie, grant.wylie@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Week 11 Orthopaedics/Rheumatology Lead: Dr Nicola Madeley, jane.madeley@glasgow.ac.uk
Week 12 Neurology Lead: Dr Ed Newman, edward.newman@nhs.net
Week 13 GI/Liver Lead: Dr Adrian Stanley, adrian.stanley@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Week 14 Renal/Male GU Lead: Dr Emily McQuarrie, emily.mcquarrie@glasgow.ac.uk
Week 15 Endocrinology/Metabolic Medicine Lead: Dr Kate Hughes, kate.hughes2@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Clinical Practice in the Community
Dr Lindsey Pope, Director of Community Based Education, lindsey.pope@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Elaine Taylor, Year 3 Communication Skills Lead, elaine.taylor@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Zoe Noonan, Clinical Practice in the Community Lead, zoe.noonan@glasgow.ac.uk
Ms Meg Reid, Deputy Manager, Undergraduate Medical School, meg.reid@glasgow.ac.uk 
Isa Bakr, Year 3, 4 & 5 GP Secretary, 0141 330 8334, isa.bakr@glasgow.ac.uk

Intercalated BSc
Professor Tom Evans, Director, tom.evans@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr William Miller, Coordinator, william.h.miller@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Louise Miller, Coordinator, Louise.Miller@glasgow.ac.uk 
Mrs Laura McMichael, Secretary, 0141 330 8349, laura.mcmichael@glasgow.ac.uk

Years 4 & 5
Dr Malcolm Shepherd, Year 4 Director, malcolm.shepherd@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Jason Long, Year 5 Director, jasonlong@nhs.net
Dr Scott Nelson, Year 5 Director, Scott.Nelson@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Janet Gardner-Medwin, Deputy, janet.gardner-medwin@glasgow.ac.uk
Miss Angela Davie, Secretary, 0141 330 2901, Angela.Davie@glasgow.ac.uk

Year 4 & 5 Clinical Attachments
Cardiology Lead: Mr Alan Kirk, alan.kirk@gjnh.scot.nhs.uk
Emergency Medicine Leads: Dr Fiona Burton & Dr Hannah Smith, med-sch-emergencymedicine@glasgow.ac.uk
ENT Lead: Miss May Yaneza, may.yaneza@nhs.net
General Practice Lead: Dr Jilly Hamilton, jillian.hamilton@glasgow.ac.uk
Medicine Lead: Dr James Boyle, james.boyle@glasgow.ac.uk
Neurology Lead: Dr Ed Newman, edward.newman@nhs.net
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Lead: Dr Simone Vella, simone.vella@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                                Obstetrics & Gynaecology Teaching Week Lead: Dr Jennifer Sassarini, Jenifer.Sassarini@glasgow.ac.uk
Ophthalmology Lead: Mr Eoghan Millar, eoghan.millar@gmail.com
Orthopaedics Lead: Mr Nasir Hussain, nasir.hussain@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Paediatrics Lead: Dr Janet Gardner-Medwin, janet.gardner-medwin@glasgow.ac.uk
Psychological Medicine Lead: Dr Angela Cogan, angela.cogan@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Surgery Lead: Mr Paul Glen, Paul.Glen@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Preparation for Practice
Prof Gerard Mckay, Director, gerard.mckay@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr John Paul Leach, Director, john.leach@glasgow.ac.uk
Mrs Angie MacIntosh, Secretary, 0141 330 8037, med-sch-ssc@glasgow.ac.uk

Vertical Themes: Imaging
Dr Cindy Chew, Director, chewszewan@aol.com

Vertical Themes: Pharmacology
Director, TBC 
Dr Neil Ritchie, Deputy, neil.ritchie@glasgow.ac.uk

Vertical Themes: Biomedical Sciences
Dr Janet Gardner-Medwin, Director, janet.gardner-medwin@glasgow.ac.uk

Vertical Themes: Public Health
Dr Cathy Johnman, Director, cathy.johnman@glasgow.ac.uk
Ms Jacquie Reilly, Deputy, jacqueline.reilly@glasgow.ac.uk

Vertical Themes: Clinical Skills
Dr Jason Long, Clinical Skills Lead, jason.long@glasow.ac.uk
Mrs Sam Cameron, Clinical & Vocational Skills Resource Manager, 0141 330 8047, sophia.cameron@glasgow.ac.uk

Vertical Themes: Vocational and Professional Studies
Dr Lindsey Pope, Director of Vocational Studies, Director of Professionalism, lindsey.pope@glasgow.ac.uk

Dr Lynsay Crawford, Deputy Director of Vocational Studies, lynsay.crawford@glasgow.ac.uk

Dr Al Dowie, Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics & Law, al.dowie@glasgow.ac.uk

Dr Iain Grom, Clinical University Teacher, iain.grom@glasgow.ac.uk


Vertical Themes: Communication Skills
Dr Elaine Taylor, Communication Skills Lead, 0141 330 8358, elaine.taylor@glasgow.ac.uk
Miss Pamela Small, Patient and Public Involvement Officer, pamela.small@glasgow.ac.uk
Mrs Arlene Murphy, Year 3 Communication Skills Secretary, 0141 330 8346, arlene.murphy@glasgow.ac.uk

Student Selected Components
Dr Joanne Burke, Director, joanne.burke@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Camille Huser, Deputy, camille.huser@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Leah Marks, Deputy, leah.marks@glasgow.ac.uk
Mrs Angie Macintosh, Secretary, 0141 330 8037, med-sch-ssc@glasgow.ac.uk

Dr Colin Perry, Director, colin.perry@glasgow.ac.uk
Professor Graham Watt, Director, graham.watt@glasgow.ac.uk
Mrs Nicola Cumming, Secretary, 0141 330 6241, nicola.cumming@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB Examinations
Dr Carol Ditchfield, Chair of MBChB Assessment Committee, 0141 330 8057, carol.ditchfield@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Carol Ditchfield, Year 1 Exam Co-ordinator, 0141 330 8057, carol.ditchfield@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Sharon Sneddon, Year 2 Exam Co-ordinator, 0141 330 8032, sharon.sneddon@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Camille Huser, Year 1 MILE Co-ordinator, 0141 330 8038, camille.huser@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Amanda McKie, Year 1&2 Coursework Co-ordinator, 0141 330 6642, amanda.mckie@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr James Boyle, Year 3 Exam Co-ordinator, james.boyle@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Malcolm Shepherd, Year 4 Exam Co-ordinator, malcolm.shepherd@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Jason Long, Year 5 Exam Co-ordinator, jason.long@glasgow.ac.uk
Professor Jonathan Fox, MCQ Co-ordinator, jonathan.fox@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Zoe Noonan, OSCE2 Lead, zoe.noonan@glasgow.ac.uk
Mr Brian Stewart, OSCE3&5 Lead, brian.stewart@glasgow.ac.uk
Miss Suzanne McDowall, Examinations & NHS Liaison Officer, 0141 330 8072, suzanne.mcdowall@glasgow.ac.uk

Academic Studies Advice
Dr Scott Ramsay, Effective Learning Adviser, scott.ramsay.2@glasgow.ac.uk

Student Support
Student Support enquiries, med-sch-welfare@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Angela Cogan, Head of Student Support, angela.cogan@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Mr Edmond Harris, Student Support Administrator, 0141 330 7488, edmond.harris@glasgow.ac.uk
Miss Shahn Deegan, Admissions & Student Support Assistant, shahn.deegan@glasgow.ac.uk

MBChB Admissions
Professor Matthew Walters, Director of Admissions, matthew.walters@glasgow.ac.uk
Mr Graham Haddock, Deputy Director of Admissions, graham.haddock@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Nana Sartania, Deputy Director of Admissions, nana.sartania@glasgow.ac.uk
Mr Mark Underwood, Deputy Director of Admissions, mark.underwood@glasgow.ac.uk
Mrs Eunice Duncan, Medical School Manager, eunice.duncan@glasgow.ac.uk 
Mrs Coleen Anderson/Ms Angie MacIntosh, Admissions Administrator (job share), 0141 330 6216, med-sch-admissions@glasgow.ac.uk
Miss Shahn Deegan, Admissions & Student Support Assistant, shahn.deegan@glasgow.ac.uk

School Library and Undergraduate Medical School Reception
Mrs Nicola Cumming, School Library Office Supervisor, 0141 330 4281, nicola.cumming@glasgow.ac.uk 
Reception staff: med-sch-library@glasgow.ac.uk 

School Administration
Mrs Eunice Duncan, Medical School Manager, 0141 330 4424, eunice.duncan@glasgow.ac.uk
Ms Meg Reid, Deputy Medical School Manager, 0141 330 8340, meg.reid@glasgow.ac.uk
Mr Edmond Harris, Student Support Administrator, 0141 330 7488, edmond.harris@glasgow.ac.uk
Dr Helen Lloyd, Medical School Administrator, 0141 330 6223, helen.lloyd@glasgow.ac.uk

Dr Aileen Linn, E-Learning Development Officer, +44 (0)141 330 8029, aileen.linn@glasgow.ac.uk

Miss Evelyn Laing, ACT Finance Officer, +44 (0)141 330 8024, evelyn.laing@glasgow.ac.uk

Year 1 External Examiners
Dr Michael Murphy, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School
Dr Elizabeth Muir, Imperial College London
Dr Andrew O'Malley, University of Southampton

Year 2 External Examiners
Dr Karen Grant, Lancaster Medical School
Dr Helen Lawrence, St Paul’s Medical Centre, Carlisle
Dr Jennifer Thompson, School of Medicine, University College Dublin

Year 3 External Examiners
Dr Tom Fardon, Ninewell Hospital
Additional Examiner to be appointed

Year 4/5 External Examiners
Dr Richard Davenport, University of Edinburgh
Professor Fionnuala McAuliffe, University College Dublin
Dr Philip Smith, University Hospital of Wales
Additional Examiners to be appointed

SSC External Examiners
Dr Bernard Croal, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Dr Birgit Fruhstorfer, University of Warwick

BSc (MedSci) External Examiner
Prof Patricia Munroe, Queen Mary, University of London