School of Medicine: Year 1 MBChB Information 2023-24

Dear Students

The first thing we would like to do is to offer our sincerest welcome to the University of Glasgow School of Medicine, the first stop on your training pathway to becoming a doctor. You have reached the high academic standards required for entry to medical school and have impressed us with your motivation, enthusiasm and commitment to the values of medicine.

We are sure that you will find the course both exciting and challenging. Medicine is a rewarding career but remains, above all, a privileged vocation. Embodied in this vocation is the need for commitment, service, and dedication. Patients and your teachers will dedicate their time and energy to train you. From your first day as a medical student, you will be regarded by all staff as a junior member of the profession and with this will come added responsibilities, expectations and privileges. Patients and colleagues will entrust themselves to you. In your Student Agreement, and in your conduct you will undertake to repay and to be worthy of this trust. This is the covenant with the patients we serve.

This site and Moodle (our virtual learning environment) will provide much of your required information, including a programme for integration week which will begin on Monday 11th September.

In addition, there will soon be information for a short online induction course called Becoming A Medical Student or ‘BAMS’. This will introduce you to the layout and processes around the medical school and will remain an invaluable resource that you can revisit across the year. You are required to complete this course before starting in September. For more information on how to access and complete the course, click on the  'Becoming a Medical Student Course course tab.

There is also a link to a suggested book list that are commonly used during both year 1 and year 2. However, we will provide access to many textbooks electronically, so we do not recommend that you buy any books yet! Other links will appear giving information on various clubs, societies and professional bodies, many of whom will have special offers and will no doubt be of interest to you.

The other important link which will be available in August is for enrolment, giving instructions on what you need to do in advance of teaching commencing. When you begin to enrol, please do so ONLY on the courses listed. Your final group allocations will be given to you during integration events and in due course timetables will be available for the first day of formal teaching on Monday 18th September.

The next 5 years will draw on your reserves and challenge you. This is in keeping with the demands of the career you have chosen. You will at times make mistakes - reflective learning and resilience are vital - but with dedication, stamina, and hard work your career in Medicine has the potential to be truly fulfilling, both personally and professionally.

The Year 1 team look forward to meeting you all in Integration Week when you will learn more about the programme for first year, meet some of the senior staff to officially say “hello” and most importantly to meet your future peers and fellow students.

Best wishes

Prof Matthew Walters, Head of School of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing
Prof Malcolm Shepherd, Head of Undergraduate Medicine
Dr Genevieve Stapleton, MBChB1 Director & the MBChB1 Team