Senior Management

Head of School

Professor Aileen Bell

Deputy Heads of School

Professor Shauna Culshaw and Mr James Donn

Dental School Manager

Mr Frank Bonner

Director of Dental Education

Dr Alison Cairns

Director of Dental Research

Professor David Conway 

Director of Postgraduate Affairs

Professor Andrea Sherriff

 Section Heads

Head of Administration

Mr Frank Bonner

Head of Biological & Medical Sciences

Professor Will McLean

Heads of Clinical Dentistry

Dr Andrew Forgie

Head of Community Oral Health

Professor David Conway

School Committees

The Dental School has several different committees set up to help with the Management of the Dental School. To find out the membership and remit of these groups, click on the committee name below.

Committee minutes are available to students and staff via the Committee Section on Moodle

Admissions Committee



Dr Christine Goodall, Admissions Lead


Ms Patricia Hassan, Admissions Assistant

Committee members: 

Mr Andrew Leitch, General Dental Practice Representative
Mr Chris McCurry, Clinical Representative
Dr Will McLean, Deputy Admissions Lead
Mr Neil Nairn, University/Non-Clinical Representative
Ms Emma O'Donnell, University/Clinical Representative
Ms Stephanie O'Raw, Clinical Representative
Mr Callum Wemyss, Clinical Representative
TBC, Learning and Teaching Manager


The Dental School strives to identify talent and potential and recruit the most able students who have the potential to succeed. To achieve this aim, it is imperative that all admissions structures and processes uphold the principles of fair admissions and are underpinned by transparency, reliability and inclusion and are applied consistently and equitably to all.


  • To develop and implement policies, procedures and processes to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations. These include the QAA Quality Code, General Dental Council, the University Strategy, applied with reference to Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) guidelines, the Schwartz Report: “Fair Admissions to Higher Education: Recommendations for Good Practice (2004)”and the Supporting Professionalism in Admissions (SPA) Good Practice Guidelines.
  • To ensure consistent implementation of policy, procedures and processes in order that applicants to BDS are treated fairly, with dignity, respect and courtesy, thereby promoting a positive candidate experience.
  • To review new national-level research and/or good practice recommendations and consider the impact for Admissions policies and procedures.
  • To review entry requirements to ensure qualifications are being considered in an up-to-date context and are equivalent across different qualifications.
  • To determine entry requirements and ensure publication in a clear, transparent and accessible way and in good time for applicants to make informed choices.
  • To analyse qualification profiles of both successful and unsuccessful applicants on an annual basis to identify any changes in the qualification profiles of the cohort.
  • To review BDS Admissions webpages and promotional materials and identify required updates.
  • To monitor student admissions, retention, progression and graduation data to identify trends.
  • To approve annual Admissions report prior to submission to the Dental Education Committee and the Dental School Executive.
  • To coordinate BDS student recruitment and conversion activities, including participation in University Open days’ and Widening Participation initiatives.
  • To review Extenuating Circumstance applications to determine if an application should be upheld, and if so, agree alternative offer for applicant.
  • To create Multiple-Mini Interview (MMI) stations in line with the Attributes framework and finalise list of MMI stations to be used in an Admissions cycle, ensuring a balance of station types and attributes assessed.
  • To determine UCAT cut-off score to be used to ensure applicants shortlisted for the MMIs have the most appropriate abilities and professional behaviours required for new dentists to be successful in their clinical careers.
  • Review results of MMI’s and agree a final rank list of candidates considering intake targets and widening participation targets, and, based on this information, agree offers to be issued to applicants.
  • To monitor developments throughout the admissions cycle to check actual situation remains in line with predicted trends and to spot any deviation early.
  • To review staff and candidate feedback and reflections on the MMI process to inform future planning.  

Staff Student Liaison Committee

Joint Conveners: 

Ms Megan Mason, GDSS Student President
Dr Viv Binnie, GDSS Honorary Staff President 



Student  Members:




Chelbi Hillan, Jack Houston and Scott Magee
Miklos Ignacz and Carys Nield 
Leanne Bell, Kirstin Thom, Megan Thomson and Weng Yee
Peggy Lim, Alice Mackintosh, Niamh McInnes and Ali Shabir
Kirsty Harrower, Sophie James, Mimi Shegbone, Andrew Tracey, Alanki Wickremasinghe, Gabrielle Williamson




Year Coordinators:

Mr Neil Nairn
Mr Robert A McKerlie
Dr Craig Mather
Dr Kurt Naudi
Dr Alun Scott/Mr James Donn
Staff Members:

Dr Ziad Al-Ani, Chair of Library Committee
Ms Lauren Hughes, NHS Liaison Manager
Dr Alison Cairns, Director of Dental Education
Mrs Kirsteen Valenti, College Library Support Manager
TBC, Learning and Teaching Manager


The BDS Staff/Student Liaison Committee reports to the Dental Education Committee and provides a forum for formal staff/student interaction covering the five years of the BDS Programme of Study. It is chaired alternately by the Student President of the GDSS and by the Honorary Staff President. 
This committee also provides a forum for discussion of those issues that have school-wide implications and issues where resolution at a local (course or year level) level has failed. It provides an opportunity for students to comment on major course proposals, reports from external agencies. Other issues, such as those relating to resources, may be referred to the Dental School Executive Committee or the Head of School for resolution.

Dental School Learning and Teaching Committee


Dr Alison Cairns, Director of Dental Education


Professor Aileen Bell, Head of Dental School
  Dr Viv Binnie, Lead of the Dental Education Research Group, Scholarship and Quality Enhancement Lead, Community Oral Health Education Lead, & Deputy Director of Dental Education
  Dr Andrew Crothers, Simulation lead
  Mr James Donn, Adult Outreach Coordinator
  Dr Andrew Forgie, Head of Clinical Dentistry Section
  Dr Christine Goodall, Head of BDS Admissions
  Mrs Lauren Hughes, NHS Liaison Manager
  Mrs Susan Johnston, Clerk
  Mr Craig Mather, BDS3 Course Coordinator
  Ms Angela McGee, DCP School Representative
  Ms Niamh McInnes, Student Representative
  Mr Robert McKerlie, BDS2 Course Coordinator & Lead for Digital and Online Education, Deputy Director of Education
  Mrs Vivien Monteith, Director of Dental Electives programme
  Mr Neil Nairn, BDS1 Course Coordinator, Chief Advisor and Senior Mentor
  Dr Kurt Naudi, BDS4 Course Coordinator 
  Professor Marcello Riggio, Biological and Medical Sciences Education Lead
  Dr Alun Scott, BDS5 Course Coordinator
  Dr Andrea Sherriff, Director of Postgraduate Affairs
  Ms Alanki Wickremasinghe, Student Representative
  TBC, Learning and Teaching Manager


  • To consider and approve new course proposals and major changes to existing courses.
  • To consider and approve changes to the BDS Regulations. 
  • To be responsible for the management of the current BDS Programme of Study in relation to the delivery of teaching and assessment.
  • To monitor and promote procedures for quality assurance and enhancement.
  • To consider MVLS College, University of Glasgow, and external stakeholder, policies and strategies and their impact on learning, teaching and assessment within the Dental School.
  • To implement and monitor major changes in the BDS Curriculum
  • To receive reports from: 
    • BDS1 Course Coordinator
    • BDS2 Course Coordinator
    • BDS3 Course Coordinator
    • BDS4 Course Coordinator
    • BDS5 Course Coordinator
    • Director of Dental Education
    • Dental School Administrative Officer
    • Outreach Committee
    • Information Services Committee 
    • Admissions Committee 
    • BDS Staff/Student Liaison Committee 
    • Teaching Quality Assurance Officer
    • Electives Coordinator
    • DCP School
    • Scholarship and Quality Enhancement Lead
    • Administrative Officer

    And on Equality and Diversity Issues; and on any items to be added to the Risk Log.

Dental Electives Committee


Mrs Vivien Monteith


Mrs Susan Johnston


Prof Jeremy Bagg
  Dr Vivian Binnie
  Mrs Alison Cairns
  Dr David Conway
  Dr Andrew J Crothers
  Dr Al Dowie
  Dr Christine Goodall
  Mr Neil Nairn
  Dr Kurt Naudi
  Mr Niall Rogerson
  Dr Andrea Sherriff


To oversee the BDS Elective Programme and to develop appropriate policies and strategies for consideration by the Dental Education Committee.

Dental School Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee


Prof David Conway
Members:  Dr Viv Binnie, PMHP/Communications Representative
  Mrs Jessica Brewster, Clerk
  Dr Alison Cairns, Clinical Curriculum Representative
  Ms Anjali Chawla, NHS Representative
  Dr Christine Goodall, Admissions Representative
  Mrs Zayneb Makki, Clinical Curriculum Representative
  Mr Robert McKerlie, Online and Digital Content Representative 
  Ms Roisin Mousa, UG Student Representative
  Dr Kurt Naudi, Clinical Curriculum Representative
  Mr Rashaf Omran, PG Student Representative
  TBC, Administrative Represntative


To develop an EDI action plan that will cover the following areas:

  • Decolonising the curriculum – as a first step this will focus on clinical cases – scenarios and images across all teaching.
  • Developing and implementing active EDI training (e.g. Active Bystander Training) – for both staff and students.
  • Working with SoMDN colleagues – on accessing data to enable assessment of attainment and progression gaps, admissions issues, staff profile (where possible).
  • Ensuring wide student engagement on EDI issues – UG and PG. Exploring opportunities for student projects / internships on EDI work.
  • Developing online resources to support staff and student in EDI work.

Dental School Executive Committee


Prof Aileen Bell, Head of the Dental School 

Membership:  Mr Frank Bonner, Dental School Manager
  Dr Alison Cairns, Director of Dental Education
  Prof David Conway, Director of Dental Research/Section Head of Community Oral Health
  Dr Andrew Forgie, Section Head of Clinical Dentistry
  Mr Robert McKerlie, Elected Member
  Dr Will McLean, Section Head of Biological and Medical Sciences
  Dr Kurt Naudi, Elected Member
  Prof Gordon Ramage, Section Head, Biological & Medical Sciences
  Dr Andrea Sherriff, Director of Postgraduate Affairs


  • To identify and prioritise key strategic areas of activity relevant to the academic and administrative functions of the Dental School.
  • To pursue the ongoing development of teaching and research initiatives which will further the academic excellence of the Dental School's activities and ensure that they are in accordance with priorities set by the College of MVLS and the University.
  • To pursue an agenda to increase financial resources available to the Dental School within the University framework and to oversee the sound fiscal management of the resource available.
  • To set the agenda for the meetings of the Dental School University NHS Liaison group. 
  • To set achievable deadlines for the School's key activities and to monitor satisfactory adherence to the prescribed timetable.

Dental School University NHS Liaison Group


Prof Aileen Bell, Head of the Dental School 


  Mr Frank Bonner, Dental School Manager
  Ms Kirsten Burns, Clinical Services Manager, Glasgow Dental Hospital
  Prof David Conway, Director of Dental Research
  Mr Alan Donaldson, Clinical Director, Glasgow Dental Hospital
  Dr Andrew Forgie, Joint Head of Clinical Dentistry Section
  Mrs Lauren Hughes, NHS Liaison and Outreach Administrator
  Mrs Lisa Dorrian, General Manager, Oral Health Directorate (OHD), NHS GGC
  Mrs Angela McGee, Director of The School for Dental Hygiene & Therapy
  Mr Lee Savarrio, Chief of Dentistry, NHS GGC 
  Dr Andrea Sherriff, Director of Postgraduate Student Affairs


  • To provide a forum for engagement of senior academic and NHS staff in the management of the educational, research and clinical service activities of the Dental Hospital & School.
  • To review reports, formulate actions and take decisions in relation to the management of resources available to the Dental Hospital & School.

Information Services Committee


Mr Robert A McKerlie, Lead for Digital and Online Education 


Miss Ashley McMillan


Ms Andrea Beeney, Senior BDS Student Representative (BDS3 – BDS5)
Mr Harry Wheeler, Junior BDS Student Representative (BDS1 – BDS2), Student lead of the Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching (TELT) Partnership
Dr Marcello Riggio, Biological and Medical Sciences (BAMS) Representative
Mr Stephen Dunn, Clinical Dental Sciences (CDS) Representative
Prof David Conway, Community Oral Health (COH) Representative
Mr Frank Bonner, Dental School Manager
Mrs Wendy McAllan, E-Learning Systems Developer
TBC, Educational Resources Technician
Dr Ziad Al-Ani, James Ireland memorial Library Committee
Mrs Kirsteen Valenti, MVLS College Library Support team Manager


  • To consider options appraisal for future Information Technology and/or Audio-visual development
  • To consider hardware/software upgrading and replacement
  • To receive verbal or written reports from:
    • Chair of Information Services, relating to ongoing information services issues/projects including:
      • IT Systems
      • Audio Visual
      • Learning Spaces
    • Other working groups set up for specific Information Services related tasks/projects
    • Section Representatives
    • Student Representatives
    • Subject Librarian
  • To monitor and promote all procedures and policies affecting Dental School Information Technology and Audio-visual resources.

James Ireland Memorial Library Committee


Dr Ziad Al-Ani


Mr. Nick Beacher (University Staff Representative) 
  Mr Paul Cannon (College Librarian)
  TBC (Undergraduate Student Representative)
  Mrs Kirsteen Valenti (College Library Support Team Manager)


  • To provide a forum for discussion of any items immediately pertaining to the James Ireland Memorial Library. 
  • To advise GU Library on the acquisition of appropriate books, journals and information resources, necessary to support and promote teaching and research within the Dental School. 

This committee is responsible to GU Library.

The convener represents the James Ireland Memorial Library on the Faculty Library and the Information Services Committee.

The convener also represents the Dental School on the University Library Committee.

Research Committee

Director of Dental Research (Chair) Prof David Conway 
Deputy Director of Dental Research (Vice-Chair)  Prof Shauna Culshaw
Community Oral Health Research Group Lead  Prof David Conway
 Oral Sciences Research Group Lead Prof Gordon Ramage
 Craniofacial Research Group Lead Prof Ashraf Ayoub
Director of Postgraduate Affairs Dr Andrea Sherriff
Research Impact Champion Dr Andrea Sherriff
Clinical Research Facility Clnical Lead Prof Shauna Culshaw
Clinical Research Governance Prof Shauna Culshaw
SoHRC Project Coordinator Ms Deirdre Kelliher
NHS Representative Mrs Beth Burns
Administrator - Research Ms Deirdre Kelliher

All PIs are welcome to attend. Those listed above obliged to report to the committee on their relevant area.


  • To coordinate regular (quarterly) dental school research workshops – involving Dental School PIs and PhD supervisors (and invited others).
  • These workshops will be the vehicle to develop and then implement the new Dental School Research Strategy (post REF 2021), and will include activities to foster collaborations within the school, with the wider University community and Research Institutes, and with NHS and industrial partners.
  • To ensure research governance procedures are adhered to, and will include liaising with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (GG&C) Oral Health Directorate (OHD) and Research & Development (R&D) in relation to clinical patient recruitment research.
  • To report to the Dental School Executive on issues related to supporting the implementation of the Research Strategy including on the research environment and infrastructure, and in relation to strategic appointments.

Meeting frequency

Three meetings per year