Academic Members

Professor Robin Geiss: Transnational security law, Contemporary challenges to the law of armed conflict, international criminal justice

Professor Nils Melzer: Human rights law, humanitarian law, UN law, custom and general principles of law

Professor Christian Tams: International courts and tribunals, the legal regulation of the use of force

Professor Jörg Terhechte: European and international law, competition and trade

Dr Anna Chadwick: Law and the markets, international law and food insecurity

Dr James Devaney: International courts and tribunals

Dr Giedre Jokubauskaite: International law and sustainable development

Prof Georgios Pavlakos :Globalisation and Legal Theory

Dr Antonio Marzal :Conflict of laws, EU law and international investment law

Dr Henry Lovat: Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow

Dr Asli Olcay: Peacemaking and international law

Dr Charlie Peevers: The legal regulation of the use of force

Dr Anni Pues: International criminal law, human rights, EU law

Dr Akbar Rasulov: Nationalism, self-determination and identity

Dr Alain Zysset: The theory and practice of the ECHR

Dr Andrea Varga:The interaction between human rights law and general international law

Dr Lea Raible

Miss Joanna Wilson:Law and Morality, and Critical Approaches to International Law



PGR Members

Alexandre Belle - 'Public International Law and the protection of sovereign debt restructuration processes'

Christopher M J Boyd - '(In)security and Superfluity: the Regulation of Work(ers) in the Contemporary Global Order' 

Hoon Cho - 'Jurisdictional Evolution by the Courts and Tribunals under United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea'

Ye Feng

Heloise Guichardaz - 'The UN responsibility in the Haiti cholera crisis.'

Pia Hüsch - 'State Sovereignty in the Digital Era: Disruptive Cyber Operations and Non-Intervention'

Ferhat Ercümen - 'Military Use of Foreign Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf'

Gail Lythgoe 'Examining the concept of “territory” in international law: assessing claims of ‘deterritorialisation’'

Charles Mak - 'Sovereign Debt Regulation: Towards a Unified International Legal Regime?'

GC McBain - 'Peace Through Institutionalisation: The Forgotten Role of the League of Nations'

Saskia Millmann - ''Flexible Engagement’: The League of Nations and its Non-Members'

Onthatile Olerile Moeti

Athene Richford - 'Examining the Trade and Labour Gap in International Law: Neutralization of the Political in International Legal Regime Design'

Jessica Schechinger - 'Private (Armed) Security Actors in the Contemporary Fight against Maritime Piracy: Issues of International Responsibility'

Sören Sommer - 'German-French Armament Cooperation and Export Control in the context of the European Defence Policy'

Chin-Chia Tien - Regulating IUU Fishing Through Flag States: Development of State Responsibility in the Context of the Law of the Sea

Konstantina Tsekeri - 'The application of the best interest of the child principle in the refugee status determination process. The case of unaccompanied children claiming asylum in the UK and Greece.'

Joanna Wilson - '(L)AWS, Laws and The Ethics of Autonomy: Questioning the Morality of the ‘Killer Robot’'