Anna Chadwick joined the School of Law as Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow in 2017, after completing a two-year Max Weber Fellowship at the European University Institute, in Florence. She was awarded her doctorate by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in November 2015. She holds a Masters Degree in Public International Law and International and UK Human Rights Law (LLM) from King’s College London, and an LLB from the University of Leeds. Prior to her doctoral studies, Anna spent one year working for the legal charity, Reprieve, where she undertook investigation and research on death penalty cases. Anna’s monograph, Law and the Political Economy of Hunger, was published by Oxford University Press in 2019.

Research interests

Anna’s current research focuses on the role of law in valuation practices in financial markets. She is studying the legal nature of money and the significance of global forex markets in the international monetary system.

Ongoing research projects Anna is involved in are:

  • ‘Litigating Corona’ – a study exploring the impact of litigation on government measures to protect public health in response to the coronavirus pandemic (with Gail Lythgoe, Akbar Rasulov, and Christian Tams)
  • ‘Re-costing the Earth’ an investigation into indigenous governance of silviculture in Southern Mexico and the redesign of ‘sustainable development’ consultation and impact assessment (with Julia McClure (PI) and Emma Cardwell, Peter Rosset, and Kate Keller) 
  • ‘Markets, Constitutions, and Inequality’ – an interdisciplinary research network exploring the role of constitutions in shaping economic governance (with Javier Solana, Andrés Palacios-Lleras, Eleonora Lozano-Rodriguez, and Julia McClure)

Anna’s broader research interests include law and political economy, distributive justice, sustainable development, and food insecurity.


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ESRC IAA, Covid-19 call: ‘Litigating Corona? How Lawsuits Could Shape Post-Covid Decisions, and How States Should Respond to Them’ £3598.74 awarded. Investigators: Anna Chadwick (PI); Gail Lythgoe (CO-I); Akbar Rasulov (CO-I); Christian Tams (CO-I)

Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and Scottish Funding Council (SFC) Research Project Grant: ‘Re-costing the earth: indigenous governance of silviculture in Southern Mexico and the redesign of ‘sustainable development’ consultation and impact assessment’. £55,604 awarded. Investigators: Julia McClure (PI); Emma Cardwell (CO-I); Anna Chadwick (CO-I). Partners based in Oaxaca and Chiapas.


Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and Scottish Funding Council (SFC) Network Grant: ‘Markets, Constitutions, and Inequality’. £24, 435 awarded. Investigators: Anna Chadwick (PI); Javier Solana (PI); Andrés Palacios-Lleras (Co-I); Julia McClure (Co-I); Karen Siegal (Co-I) ODA partners based in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

  • Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) Young Scholars Initiative Grant: ‘Finance and Social Justice’ £5000. Anna Chadwick (PI); Javier Solana (CO-I) Workshop held 21-22 March 2019.
  • COSS Strategic Research Funding. ‘Water as a Global Resource - Meeting the Challenges’ £5,000 awarded to Anna Chadwick, Jill Robbie, and George Pavlakos.


Winner of the 2018 Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Seminar Competition- £2000 - ‘Legality with a Vengeance: The Role of Law in the Financialization of the Food System’. Awarded £2000 to put on a one-day inter-disciplinary workshop in London. Anna Chadwick (PI); Tomaso Ferrando, University of Antwerp (CO-I) and Grietje Baars, City University (CO-I).


I would be happy to supervise PhD researchers in areas including public international law, international economic and financial law, law and political economy, and global governance. I would be particularly interested in supervising projects that relate to international development, financial markets and regulation, resource governance, global distributive justice, private ordering and socio-economic rights, as well as topics that engage with development, trade, and finance from a legal perspective.

Current students
  • Mohashin, KM Shazzad -' The Appropriation of the Arctic: International Law in Retrospect and the Evolution of Sovereignty'

  • Mak, Ho Wang
    Sovereign Debt Regulation: Towards a Unified International Law


  • International Law and International Economic Governance (LLM)
  • Law and International Development (LLM)
  • Law and Markets (LLM)
  • Globalisation, Justice and Human Rights (Level 4)
  • Law and Political Economy (Level 4)
  • Law and Social Theory (Level 4)