International Law, Conflict and Security

Established in 2016, the Research Group on International Law, Conflict and Security is a hub for innovative research by circa 30 Glasgow-based academics and doctoral researchers. Through our work, we seek to contribute to a better understanding of major security challenges facing the international legal community, addressing issues relating to drone warfare, counter-terrorism, cyber-security, international litigation and UN peacekeeping.

Our research benefits from well-established links with legal practice, and members of the Research Group regularly provide advice to international organisations, governments and NGOs. Drawing on recognised expertise in international law, we are regularly engaged in interdisciplinary research, notably within the Glasgow Human Rights Network, GRAMNET, the Global Security Network, and through the delivery of interdisciplinary masters programmes (MSc in Global Security) and LLM in international law and security).

Members of the Research Group are recognised internationally for their research and regularly contribute to leading journals and other publications. This research informs our teaching, which spans a range of undergraduate/honours options as well as dedicated master programmes on international law (LLM), international law and security (LLM) and global security (MSc).

Building on the success of our International Law, Conflict and Security Research Group, the Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security (GCILS) was inaugurated by founding directors Professors Robin Geiß and Christian J. Tams in 2019. Please see below for more details.