Second Year (2-year Accelerated Degree)

‌‌‌‌‌The information below sets out a few matters which you should take into account when preparing for second year of the accelerated Scots Law LLB degree. 

Please refer to the Scots Law Year 2 Timetable 2023-24 for further information.

To register, please follow the instructions on the Registry's website: 

Below is a standard second-year curriculum totalling 120 credits: 

Jurisprudence (compulsory)
Law and Government (compulsory) (DPLP)
Property (DPLP)
Commercial Law (DPLP)
Business Organisations (DPLP)


Planning your curriculum

Along with the remaining LLB compulsory subjects, most students on your plan take the Diploma pre-requisite subjects this year and that fills up their timetable. If the Diploma is not for you, then you might consider some options in Law or options in other subject areas (generally options outside the School of Law must be at Year 1 and can be found in the online course catalogue).

Two additional subjects required for entry to the Faculty of Advocates are International Private Law and Roman Law of Property and Obligations (ROLPO). If you wish to take either of them in addition to the standard curriculum then you must speak to your Advisor of Studies, as the load of 140 credits would be very heavy.

Diploma in Professional Legal Practice (DPLP) pre-requisites

Please remember that entry to the Diploma is competitive and that it is your performance at the first sitting in all of the Diploma pre-requisite courses that counts.