Second Year (2-year Accelerated Degree)

‌‌‌‌‌The information below sets out a few matters which you should take into account when preparing for second year of the accelerated Common Law LLB degree. 

Please refer to the Common Law Year 2 Timetable 2023-24 for further information and follow the instructions on the Registry's website to register:

Below is a standard second-year curriculum totalling 120 credits: 

Law and Government (FR, compulsory)
Jurisprudence (FR, compulsory)
Land Law (FR, compulsory)
Equity and Trusts (FR, compulsory)
European Union Law (FR, compulsory)  

Students must take at least 120 credits in Year 2. This means that, on top of the 90 credits' worth of compulsory courses listed above, students must select at least 30 credits’ worth of options.