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November 2021

Evaluability Assessment - Sustrans Cargo Bike Library
Paul McCrorie, Nai Rui Chng and Peter Craig

September 2021

Funding the smokefree generation report - a report with Cancer Research UK on stakeholder views on implementing a tobacco control fund in the UK.

August 2021
One year on...building on bold policy ambitions - a report with Cancer Research UK on stakeholder views on HFSS marketing restrictions and the next steps to help tackle obesity July 2021
Schools on the move - A report for the SPHSU on the physical and social barriers to children's engagement with physical activity
Children's Parliament
April 2020
Adolescents' screen time, sleep and mental health: literature review    
Anne Martin and Juliana Pugmire
February 2020
Evaluability Assessment - Sustrans I Bike Communities Programme    
Paul McCrorie, Nai Rui Chng and Peter Craig
December 2019


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Review of reviews: incorporation of natural experiment data in public health systematic reviews [PDF]
Mhairi Campbell, Michele Hilton Boon, Srinivasa Vittal Katikireddi, Hilary Thomson
December 2020
A scoping review of the international evidence of differential attainment loss during school holidays - Protocol [PDF]
Mhairi Campbell, Stephanie Chambers, Valerie Wells, Michele Hilton Boon, Anna Pearce, Theocharis Kromydas, Peter Craig
July 2020
Use of the ROBINS‐I tool for assessing risk of bias in systematic reviews [PDF]
Erik Igelström, S Vittal Katikireddi,
June 2020
Does social media influence adolescent engagement in health risk behaviours?  A protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis [PDF]
Amrit K Purba, Paul M Henery, Rachel M Thomson, Anna Pearce, Marion Henderson, S Vittal Katikireddi,
April 2020
How do changes in individual or household income impact on mental health for working-age adults? A protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis [PDF]
Rachel M Thomson, Michal Shimonovich, Erik Igelström, Anna Pearce, Alastair Leyland, Hilary Thomson, S Vittal Katikireddi.
February 2020