Education & Practice section members are actively involved in Computing Science Education and Software Engineering research, working in collaboration with industry, government, schools, and other university partners. The section is led by Dr Matthew Barr, and comprises two main research groups:

Members of EAP contribute to several of the School's cross cutting research themes including Understandable Autonomous Systems, Low Carbon and Sustainable Computing and Programming Languages.

EAP section team

Section members

Academic Staff:

Research Staff:

Professional, Administrative & Support Staff:

  • Len Lukowski (GUSS Finance Administrator)
  • Brendan McCart (STACS Project Lead)
  • Toni Scullion (STACS Project Lead)
  • Nihanth Manyam (GUSS Project Manager)
  • Omar Tufayl (GUSS Software Engineering Manager)
  • Swetank Poddar (GUSS Project Supervisor)
  • Tess Vaughan (GUSS Assistant Manager)

Affiliated Staff:

  • Anna Doyle (Graduate Apprenticeship Programme Manager)
  • Claire Johnston (Graduate Apprenticeship Programme Manager)
  • Dr Chris McCaig (Lecturer)
  • Professor Carron Shankland (Honorary Senior Research Fellow)

Research Students:

  • Ohud Abdullah F Alasmari
  • Sultanah Abdullah A Albakri
  • Noha Abdulkhalig M Alharbi
  • Talha Enes Ayranci
  • Anaclara Gerosa Barboza
  • Jinling Huang
  • Fionnuala Johnson
  • Nicola Looker
  • Surasak Phetmanee
  • Anna Teresa Sollazzo
  • Abdullah Alshammari


We are engaged in a wide range of research projects and activities related to Computing Science education, including:

Seminar series

Both the Centre for Computing Science Education and the Software Engineering Laboratory run a varied programme of seminars.