Mass Spectrometry

The Analytical Service Facilities in the School of Chemistry provide both high-resolution and low-resolution mass spectrometry for the University, as well as external organizations. An overview of the service and current instrumentation is given below. Please note, we are not UKAS accredited laboratory.


The Mass Spectrometry Service utilises spectrometers to produce quality low- and high-resolution spectra using Chemical Ionisation (APCI) and Electrospray (ESI) techniques. The service also incorporates Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) and Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) instruments, mostly used as open access to trained users, facilitating trace organics analysis of volatile, semi-volatile and non-volatile mixtures.

Agilent 6546 Q-TOF-MS High Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrometer 

The QTOF is a high-resolution Agilent 6545 mass spectrometer coupled to an Agilent Infinity 1290 UHPLC system which can be run with a Jet Stream ESI source or in APCI mode. The system has a mass accuracy of 1-3 ppm using real-time calibration, with a mass resolving power of 45,000 (FWHM) at m/z of 2722. It has a mass range of m/z 100–10,000 extended mass range, m/z 50–1,700 or 50–3,200 for both high resolution and extended dynamic range modes and Quadrupole up to m/z 4,000. 

Open access

Agilent 6125B Single Quad LC-MS 

The LCMS is a nominal mass Agilent 6125B mass spectrometer attached to an Agilent 1290 Infinity UHPLC. It has an electrospray (ESI) source with fast polarity switching to measure positive and negative ions simultaneously. The Diode Array Detector (DAD) has a wavelength range of 190 to 640 nm and visible wavelength up to 1000 nm, and a measurable m/z range of 50 to 1500 Daltons. 

Agilent 5975C and 5977C Single quad GC-MS

The GC-MS is a nominal mass Agilent 5975C/5977C mass spectrometer attached to an Agilent 7890A/8860 GC. The MSD utilises Electron Impact (EI) ionisation and has a measurable range of 30-1000 Daltons.

Pricing & Contact

For information on the mass spec service, please contact Dr Giovanni Rossi.