NMR Facility

The NMR facility currently has 4 liquid state 400MHz spectrometers capable of a wide range of experiments. These instruments are all open access to researchers in the college of science and engineering and on request for any other university researchers. All users must be trained by the NMR service manager before being given access to the spectrometers. The service is also available to external users please contact the NMR service manager to discuss pricing and availability.

All spectrometers are equipped with multichannel probes all of which can observe nuclei between 31P and 15N plus 19F. Experiments are available fully automated for 1H, 13C, 19F, 15N, 31P and 11B. This list is not exhaustive. If you need to measure any other nuclei, please contact the NMR service manager. All spectrometers are also equipped with 60 position sample changers to allow for fully automated analysis. The service can also provide variable temperature experiments in the range of –60 to 150°C.

All 4 spectrometers are also set up with a range of 2D experiments which can be run fully automated such as COSY, NOESY, HSQC, HMBC etc. A full list of experiments can be viewed in the drop-down experiment list in the icon automation window. For any other experiments not available in automation please contact the NMR service manager.


Two Bruker AVIII HD 400MHz 

Magnet- Bruker ultrashield 400MHz 

Sample changer- 60 position sample express 

Probe- BBFO multichannel broad band probe 

Bruker AVIII 400MHz 

Magnet- Oxford chemical 

Sample changer- 60 position BACS 

Probe- BBFO multichannel broad band 

Bruker Avance Neo 400MHz 

Magnet- Bruker ultrashield 400MHz 

Sample changer- 60 position Bruker sample case 

Prober- Multichannel iProbe Smartprobe 

Access to higher field spectrometers can be arranged for internal users subject to availability please contact the NMR service manager.


Any questions or issues should be directed to the NMR service manager in the first instance.

NMR service manager

Alec Mungall

Email- alexander.mungall@glasgow.ac.uk

Extension- 6551

Office- Joseph Black Building C3-03b

NMR technician

Callum Gourley

Email- callum.gourley@glasgow.ac.uk