UV-Vis-NIR absorption and fluorescence spectrometer

Horiba Duetta Bio UV-Vis-NIR absorption and fluorescence spectrometer (’two-in-one’) https://www.horiba.com/int/scientific/products/detail/action/show/Product/duetta-1621/ . The spectrometer is well suited to routine absorption/transmission measurements as well as fluorescence spectroscopy and has stages for 1 cm cuvettes (with heating and cooling, c. -10 - 100 C) and a thin film/powder holder. Absorbance can be measured using monochomated light 250 - 1000 nm and emission is measured on a fast CCD (full spectra 250 nm - 1100 nm in as little as 0.1 s). The instrument is particularly well suited for collecting excitation-emission matrices thanks to the fast detector, and also has inbuilt polarisers and neutral density filters for fluorescence polarisation measures, and holders for any additional custom filter set that is needed. 


For more information or training please contact Dr. William Peveler William.Peveler@glasgow.ac.uk