Scanning Electron Microscope

The TESCAN CLARA is an Ultra High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope (UHR-SEM) with a Field Emission Gun electron source that allows users to examine the microstructure, morphology and surface characteristics of an extensive variety of samples across research fields. TESCAN CLARA is well suited for a variety of demanding SEM applications such as high resolution and low energy imaging,

The EDS system is an Oxford Instruments UltimMax 65 with Aztec live interface.


  • Schottky field electron emitter
  • Voltage range: 0.5keV to 30keV
  • Probe current range: 2 pA to 400 nA
  • Electron beam resolution: 0.9 nm @ 15 keV and 1.4 nm @ 1keV (1.2nm at 1keV with Beam deceleration Mode)
  • Large vacuum chamber (width: 340 mm, Depth: 315 mm) with 20+ ports
  • In-column and In-chamber secondary electron (SE) and back-scattered electron (BSE) detectors
  • Low vacuum mode for imaging non-conductive samples
  • In chamber infrared camera
  • In chamber Optical Navigation and Correlation Camera (ONCam) with a CAD style live collision model
  • 5-axes motorised goniometer stage
  • Beam Deceleration Mode: Specimen bias that decelerates the primary beam upon interaction with the sample by up to 5 keV
  • Patented In Flight Beam Tracing™ and Intermediate Lens™ utilities ensuring optimal alignment with an “aperture-free” system.

smaller size


Polaron SC7640 auto/manual high resolution sputter coater with a Gold/Palladium target.

Location & Contact

SEM Location:  A3-32 of the Joseph Black Building

For further info on the SEM please contact Mr Jim Gallagher.