Scanning Electron Microscope

 An Oxford Instruments Energy 250 energy dispersive spectrometer system (EDS) is attached to the SEM and allows for the examination of the chemical composition of materials.  The system is equipped with a silicon-drift energy dispersive x-ray detector and is capable of extremely high rates of data acquisition.  It can be used for point analysis (qualitative or quantitative) of very small areas of interest (down to one micrometer in diameter).  It can also be used to assemble element distribution maps and line scans to show the spatial distribution of elements within a sample.

Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope

Manufacturer: Philips/FEI

Model: XL30 ESEM


Tungsten electron gun

Standard SE and BSE detectors

Large sample chamber

PC controlled microscope and data acquisition

Image transfer via USB pen drive

Accelerating voltage 1kV – 30kV

High vacuum mode

“Low vacuum” mode

ESEM mode

Magnification 10x – 40,000x

Resolution of 3.5nm at 30kV in high vacuum mode


Polaron SC7640 auto/manual high resolution sputter coater with a Gold/Palladium target.

Location & Contact

SEM Location:  A3-32 of the Joseph Black Building

For further info on the SEM please contact Mr Jim Gallagher.