Thermal Analysis

A series of techniques that measure material properties as a function of temperature, time and atmosphere.

DSC (Differential scanning calorimetry) measures transition temperatures and heat flow.

TGA (Thermogravimetric analysis) measures weight change.

Information provided includes melting point, glass transition, oxidizing stability, thermal stability, purity, crystallinity.


Thermal analysis equipment available is listed below:

Joseph Black Building B2-25 (Research Analysis Suite)

TA Instruments TGA 5500; temperature range ambient to 1000°C

TA Instruments DSC 25 with RCS90 refrigerated cooling system; temperature range -90-725°C

Gas atmospheres available: Nitrogen and Air


Joseph Black Building A4-23

TA Instruments SDT Q600; temperature range ambient to 1200°C

Gas atmospheres available: Argon, O2 mix, H2 mix


For further details on instrument capabilities, access and training, contact should be made through  Mr Andrew Monaghan. Room no: B2-25.