This guidance is intended to acknowledge and address some of the concerns raised in the recent SCMH Survey.

We consider key issues regarding the welcoming of new Staff & Students, Mentorship and development, Mental Well-being, and easy access to key information. 

Induction process

We have a school online induction portal which holds key information and processes. All line managers are encouraged to be present on the day of new staff/students' first day at the school to help them familiarise themselves with their new working environment and support them in becoming part of our team.

SCMH Induction Portal

University of Glasgow Induction portal

Induction Checklist for new colleagues

New Student - Toolkit 

MVLS Grad School - New Students

Mentorship schemes

SCMH considers the career development of our early career researchers in everything we do. Every principal investigator in SCMH has signed a declaration to abide by the 12 P's for PI's principles and they are proudly displayed in our main corridor, in induction materials, and on our web pages. Within the school and have various platforms to support mentoring. 

Fellowship Opportunities in Cardiovascular Science: FOCuS

Academic Mid Career Leadership Group (AMIGO)

SCMH Student Mentor (Buddy) System

Network for Early Career Researcher Development (N.E.R.D.)


Health and wellbeing is a central concerns that we aim to maintain and improve through key initiatives addressing the needs of all.

Wellbeing @ SCMH

Mental Health First Aider @ SCMH

Emergency & Student Crisis

Self Help resources

Bullying, discrimination and harassment:

Reporting form and Guidance 

Access to Information

We have fully redesigned our Athena swan site to better inform and support all SCMH members. We are currently undergoing a redesign of the main SCMH site to make this more accessible also, this will be launched in the new year

If you can't find what you are looking we would love to have your feedback. You can email us @ or you can submit feedback/suggestions anonymously through the below

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