Our Self Assessment Team (SAT)

From October 2022 the SAT comprised 11 males and 19 females, broadly representing the SCMH community. The large SAT demonstrates the high level of enthusiasm and extent to which AS work is viewed as important within SCMH.

ChairDeputy Chair
Dr Lorraine Work Dr Scott MacKenzie

Our SAT is divided into four subcommittees, each with a defined lead, with specific tasks broadly relating to Website and Dissemination, Human Resources, Students and Parental Policy and Career Development.

Human ResourcesCareer DevelopmentWebsite/DisseminationSocial, Student & Parental policy
Dr Paul Welsh (lead) Prof Will Fuller (Lead) Dr Rachel Myles (Lead) Dr Lorraine Work (Lead)
Dr Robert Lindsay Prof Patrick Mark Prof Tom Van Agtmael Dr Scott MacKenzie
Ms Keilly Macdonald Ms Emma Dunning Prof Colin Berry Zach Blaikie
Ms Claire Finnan-Brown Ms Jillian Blair Ms Tracy McArthur Erin Higgins
Dr Angela Lucas-Herald Dr Josie Fullerton Dr Katriona Brooksbank Arun Flynn
  Dr Alyson Miller   Gabbie Gerganova
  Prof Godfrey Smith   Eleni Charla
  Dr Laura Dowsett   Antoniya Pashova
  Dr Paul Welsh   Prof Stuart Gray
  Dr Alex Riddell    
  Dr Fiona Leiper    
Also in Attendance
Head of School - Prof Christian Delles
Race equality champion – Dr Sheon Samji
Disability champion – Dr Martin McBride
LGBTQ+ champion – Sara Baumert

Recruitment to the SAT is voluntary to ensure buy-in of enthusiastic staff. Members are refreshed via open forum invites, scientific steering committee, networks, and the newsletter. All career tracks are represented, including Management, Professional & Administrative and technical staff, to help better respond to career development needs and equality issues for all Professional and Support staff.