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We work with the staff and students in the University's Graduate Schools on those aspects of postgraduate research policy, training and administration which have a relevance to more than one College or School / Institute, requires leadership or coordination across Colleges or which require liaison with outside agencies  or bodies such as the Research Councils. This includes:

  • Championing PGR issues in a range of internal and external Committees, and working groups and through events and communications initiatives
  • Clerking the Deans of Graduate Studies Committee (DOGS) and Chairing the PGR Operations Working Group
  • Advice, guidance and support for the dissemination and implementation of good practice in postgraduate research administration, policy, training and quality assurance
  • Advice, guidance and support for the cross-university researcher development training programme in co-ordination with the Graduate Schools
  • Co-ordinating the selection processes, allocation and administration of centrally-held scholarship funding, including administration of the LKAS funding
  • Advice, guidance and support for cross-university scholarship funding, in particular ESRC DTP funding
  • Co-ordinating cross-university reporting, consultation responses and scholarship calls related to PGR matters or funding