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School of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health Executive Group

Appointed by the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences College Management Group (MVLS CMG), the School of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health School Executive Group (SCMH SEG) is chaired by the Head of School and supported and advised by the SEG members.

Group Remit

The Group shall:

  • Provide cohesive and unified leadership to the School, developing and ensuring the delivery of the University’s and the College’s strategic plans and ambitions
  • Provide clarity across the School community regarding strategic priorities and direction; prepare and monitor the Annual Strategic Planning Report (SPR)
  • Assure operational delivery of learning and teaching, research, innovation, and internationalisation activities, providing updates to MVLS CMG on financial, people and estates related issues
  • Monitor all KPIs and targets set by MVLS CMG, including student recruitment, research, innovation, and internationalisation strategic goals
  • Ensure that effective policies and procedures are in place, consistent with College and University policies and procedures, for all aspects of the School’s business, including (but not limited to):
    • Assure adherence to and communication of the Health and Safety (H&S) policy; review all H&S risks, threats, occurrences and provide appropriate mitigation
    • Assure all data collation processes are completed in line with University processes, including (but not limited to) HESA, REF and ELIR
    • Assure all regulatory policies are adhered to, including GDPR, equality, fraud and conflict of interest, escalating to MVLS CMG any breach of such policies
  • Identify, assess and mitigate strategic risk at a School level, ensuring minimal risk exposure to the College and the University

Scheme of Delegation

The following details the delegated authority for the SCMH SEG and shows how it is placed in the overall University Scheme of Delegation with escalation to MVLS CMG:

Area of Responsibility


Decision Making Delegated Authority

Escalation To

Prior to MVLS CMG, approve School specific strategies


Head of College


Approve, as required, all School specific policies


Head of College


Prepare and pre-approve School SPR


Head of College


Provide input to College Capital Plan


Head of College


Group Membership

This is an executive chaired Group with the following core membership:

  • Head of School
  • Deputy Head of School
  • Head of Professional Services
  • Director of Education
  • Director of Research
  • Director of Innovation
  • PGR Convener
  • ECR representatives x2
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion representative
  • Finance Business Partner
  • Human Resources Business Partner
  • Clerk

Substitutions and Quorum

Substitutions may be made with prior notice given to the clerk subject to approval by the Head of School.  There must be a minimum of 50% of its members in attendance for decisions or approvals. In the event of a consensus not being reached, the decision will be made by the Head of School.

Group Member Responsibilities

Each Group member has a responsibility to:

  • Provide scrutiny and challenge to all strategic documents, policies and papers
  • Apply current thinking and subject matter expertise in relevant fields to SEG topics
  • Foster a culture that promotes cooperation, compromise, collegiality and collective ownership of decisions
  • Openly and constructively challenge where proposals do not meet key criteria for regulatory, business continuity or sustainability requirements
  • Take ownership for specific risks and actions in the SEG Risk Register. All risks must have a group member as overall owner
  • Embody the University’s values in activity and behaviour (click here for details)

Conflict of Interest

The SCMH SEG will follow the UofG procedure for the management of any conflicts. The procedure defines the declaration of conflicts as a standard agenda item at the start of the meeting, the maintenance of a register of conflicts, and a process for managing all conflicts which are declared.

Format and cadence

Meetings will be held monthly. Weekly and extraordinary meetings may also be scheduled as required.


  • University Strategy 2020-2025
  • All thematic and enabling strategies
  • College specific strategies and roadmaps
  • School Financial Reports and Statements including SPR
  • Minutes/reports of School Committees
  • CMG update
  • Agenda, action log and previous minutes
  • Papers to be presented


  • Action log
  • Minutes (closed to SEG members only)

School Leadership

SCMH Executive Committee

Prof Christian Delles - Head of School

Prof Stuart Nicklin - Deputy Head of School

Prof Godfrey L Smith - Director of Innovation

Dr Graeme Sills - Director of Education

Prof Colin Berry - Director of Research

Ms Jillian Blair MBA - Head of Professional Services

Dr Delyth Graham - PGR Convener 

Dr Lorraine Work - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Representative

Mr John Richmond - Finance Business Partner

Ms Claire Finnan-Brown - Human Resources Business Partner

Mrs Margaret Kinninmont - Clerk

SCMH Scientific Steering Committee

C. Delles (Chair)

Vascular Theme Leaders:

Cardiac Theme Leaders:

Metabolic Disease/Diabetes Theme Leaders:

Stroke Theme Leader:

Renal Theme Leader:

Omics Theme Leader:

Research Knowledge Exchange and Impact Committee

SCMH Operations Committee

Open Forum

C. Delles (Chair) 

  • Committee Chairs/representative of committees will report to SCMH staff. The format will be an open forum between SCMH staff and leadership.
  • Minutes will be taken and action plan sets.