Registering and enrolling on Business School Courses

MyCampus support

It is recommend that continuing students clear their internet history/browser cache to ensure that they see the latest changes to degree plans and not older versions.


The first step in becoming a student at the University of Glasgow is completion of Registration.  You will be able to enrol on courses only after you have completed Academic Registration through MyCampus.  Please then complete Financial Registration as soon as you can.

Full details of the Registration process, including more details about fee sponsorship, can be found at

Need help with registration or enrolment? Log a support call via Help and Support on MyGlasgow. Click here to find out more about available support

Campus cards

Please visit Registry's website for more information on when you should attend to collect your Campus card and what you need to do first:

Information for incoming exchange students

If you are studying at the University either as part of the Erasmus programme or on an International Exchange / Study Abroad opportunity please read the additional information relevant to you:

Guidance on enrolment

All Business School students will enrol using My Requirements - this is explained below.

Students taking courses in other subjects should also consult the guidance on enrolment supplied by the relevant School. More information can be found on the College of Social Sciences page.

You are strongly encouraged to complete enrolment before teaching begins.

MyCampus provides guidance to help you select a suitable curriculum for your Academic Level and Academic Plan. The My Requirements tab describes overall course, credit and grade requirements.

Enrol by MyRequirements

Please note:

  • You are responsible for choosing suitable courses and ensuring you enrol in the correct number of credits for the year, making sure you choose courses for the whole year, not just the first semester.
  • You will be permitted to enrol in, drop courses or classes and switch classes over the summer and up until 4 October 2019. You must make sure you have completed enrolment no later than this date though you will be able to change second semester courses and classes until 24 January 2020.
  • Places in classes will be available on a first-come-first served basis so early enrolment is recommended. 
  • As you begin to select your courses, you will be able to see how these classes fit into your timetable in My Choices. This will help you to identify potential clashes before enrolling. You can also use the “check suitability” button in My Choices which checks your class selections against your timetable and any course pre or co-requisites, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments before completing enrolment.
  • Demos and guidance are available on MyGlasgow.
  • Optional Honours courses will be offered only if there is sufficient demand and the School, therefore, reserves the right to withdraw these.
  • Some optional Honours courses are not offered every academic session.  This information is provided in Moodle, and you will find that classes cannot be selected for courses that are not available in 2019/20.

Support and guidance is available online which can show you how to navigate the enrolment process in MyCampus and submit an online query. This support and guidance material can be found at your MyGlasgow portal at:


Your timetable will be automatically created in MyCampus as you enrol on classes. It is updated if you change any of your courses or if the times/dates/locations of your classes change at any time. 

You can find your timetable in the Enrolment tab or by clicking My Timetable in MyGlasgow.

Your timetable will show the class, the type of class, the time of class and the location of the class. Some locations will not be confirmed until September and/or may change, so it is important to check your timetable regularly. It may also show the name of the lecturer teaching the class and other information such as the topic.

After you have enrolled, you should view your timetable using our Timetable and Roomfinder App:

  • Log in at using your GUID and password and click the Timetable button
  • Use the Locations option to find your way around campus and for accessibility information
  • Click on an event and the room in your timetable to get durection to your class
  • Use the subscribe button to import your timetable into Outlook
  • Go to settings to receive SMS alerts about timetable changes

Changing classes

During the add/drop period (weeks 1 and 2 of the semester), you can normally change courses and classes but this option may be limited for some courses, particularly if groups are being formed for assessment purposes early in the course.  You are strongly advised to finalise your selection of classes at an early stage.  You can make changes yourself through MyCampus providing there are still places available in the alternative course or class. After this time you will need to ask your Programmes Administrator to make the change for you if possible. 

You will find more practical information about how to switch your class on the Registry webpages.

Drop courses

Once you have enrolled on courses, you are still able to drop them and select another course until 4 October 2019 (24 January 2020 for semester 2). Remember, you must be enrolled for the correct number of credits for the year so, if you drop a course, you should then enrol on an alternative course.  

You will find more practical information about how to drop classes on the Registry webpages.

Further information for Honours students

Students who are progressing to Honours study in the Business School will have early access to their Subject Common Room Moodle pages where they will find more information about the courses available during the next academic session, including video summaries and links to relevant course information.

If you have decided to follow a different Honours programme, you must arrange for your plan to be updated on MyCampus. BAcc students should liaise with the Honours Programmes Administrator; MA Social Sciences students should email; MA students should email and Law and BSc students should contact their Adviser of Studies. All students may wish to discuss a change of degree programmes with their Advisers before changing their plan.

Further information for Level 3 (Ordinary degree) students

Students pursing an MA (SocSci) Ordinary Degree in Business & Management must enrol on a fixed curriculum of three 20-credit Level 3 Business & Management courses.  

Students pursing an MA (SocSci) Ordinary Degree in Economics must enrol on a fixed curriculum of two 30-credit Level 3 Economics courses.

You will not be able to swap your Level 3 courses but will able to swap your other classes until 4 October 2019 (24 January 2020 for semester 2). However as you must be enrolled on the correct number of credits for the year, students will have to switch to level 3 studies in another Subject to ensure that they have an alternate route to Honours in that Subject.

To make this change go to MyGlasgow > MyCampus > My Enrolments and select Drop Courses.

Introductory Mathematical Economics (ECON9004)

This is an optional course for Economics 1A and 1B students, containing 6 hours of lectures and 3 seminars, for students who have not studied Mathematics to Higher Grade, A Level or equivalent. This course is not available to students enrolled on ECON1010, Introductory Economics.  

The lectures will be held on Fridays at 14.00–15.00 from 4 October until 8 November and there is a choice of seminar groups which are held at various times.

Students, particularly those with non-UK qualifications, can determine if they should enrol in the course by completing a short online test in Moodle (Introductory Mathematical Economics Section), where you will also find more information about the topics covered.  You can access Moodle following enrolment in Economics 1A (allow 24 hours from time of enrolment for Moodle access). 

The deadline for enrolment in the course is Friday, 4 October. Students on an Economics plan should enrol via MyRequirements while other students can find the course by browsing the course catalogue on MyCampus looking for ECON9004 or Introductory Mathematical Economics.

Please email with any questions about this course.

School support

Support is provided throughout the registration and enrolment period, and your programmes administrators will contact you with any programme-specific information via Moodle.

For further assistance or specific queries relating to your programme, you can contact a member of the Programme Team in the Business School. You will find their contact details in the Information for Current Students section of the website.

For further assistance or general queries relating to your programme or enrolment, use the ‘Create a support call now’ link under Help and Support on the MyGlasgow homepage. Our support team will then be able to respond.