Information for new students joining September 2022

We are delighted that you will be joining one of our Economics programmes in September 2022. Below you will find key information to prepare for the start of your chosen postgraduate programme. 

Enrolment information


Registration with the University of Glasgow opens in August. You will receive an email from the University with your:

  1. University email address
  2. Your GUID (unique ID number)
  3. A link to register

Please note you must have accepted your unconditional offer in order to register as a student.

We would encourage you to start the registration process as early as possible.


Enrolment is the process for choosing your courses and classes to build your timetable for the year. You must complete academic registration before you can begin enrolment.  Once you have completed enrolment, you will find your personal timetable on MyCampus.

Enrolment guidance by programme (PDF)

Please click the relevant link below to view the PDF enrolment guidance for your programme:

Graduate Centre for Economic Development (CDS) programmes

Graduate Centre for Economic and Financial Studies (CEFS) programmes 

MRes Economics 

MSc Data Analytics for Economics and Finance 

Getting started

If you have any questions relating to your programme please contact your Programme Team at

Please note that we cannot answer questions relating to applications, admissions or fees etc. For further details regarding these issues please contact

Your electronic handbook

Once you have registered and received your student number and log in information (GUID), you will be able to access our Postgraduate Student Information Point Moodle page. This will be your electronic handbook which you can refer to throughout your studies. Here you can find information about University and School regulations and policies.


During Induction we will share with you all the information you need to feel welcomed to the Adam Smith Business School and prepared to start your journey with us, regardless of your subject area.

You can start getting ready to join us by registering and looking at our Glasgow Essentials open access site.

Adam Smith Business School Induction

As you begin your journey with us, you’ll be invited to take part in our induction programme which will run from 12 September 2022, this will help you to:

  • familiarise yourself with the Adam Smith Business School
  • connect with your teaching staff and other students
  • learn about the support services and career development activities available to you.

For your induction you will be provided with a specific timetable for your course. In the timetable you will be provided an outline of the sessions that take place, with details of the format each session will follow and instructions on how you register for specific events.


Your Induction timetable

Visit Moodle to view your induction timetables:

Induction timetables

Your programme timetable

You will create your timetable in MyCampus when you enrol in your courses. Once registered for the course the information on rooms and times will appear on your own timetable. You will find information about activities on each course Moodle page instead of on your timetable.

Synchronous sessions are live and timetabled. You will see them referred to as Online LIVE or with a room location on your timetable. For Online LIVE classes, these will take place online and you will find the Zoom/meeting links on your Moodle page. Where there is a room listed, this will be an on-campus session and will be shown on your timetable.

Chat to your fellow classmates

Chat to your fellow classmates on a LinkedIn group for your programme:

Programme Group
MSc Economic Development
MSc Development Studies
MSc Economics, Banking and Finance
MSc Environmental & Sustainable Development
MSc Finance & Economic Development
MSc International Banking & Finance
MSc Asset Pricing & Investment
MSc Financial Economics
MSc Financial Forecasting & Investment
MSc Financial Risk Management
MSc Investment Banking & Finance
MSc Investment Fund Management
MSc Quantitative Finance
MSc Data Analytics for Economics and Finance