PGR Survey Results


For a number of years, the University participated in the PGR Experience Survey (PRES). This survey gave students the opportunity to share views on conducting research at Glasgow and responses fed into decisions on policy and practical issues. PRES has been really useful in understanding the experiences of our PGRs and as, a national survey,  allowed us to do some benchmarking across institutions. 

However, while comprehensive, it was a long survey and tended to mainly contain questions that allowed students to agree/disagree across a scale. We felt that this did not reliably provide enough information in responses to identify real issues for students that affected their experience. In June 2021 the University launched a new, shorter survey and with more questions which provided opportunities for more detailed responses. Since November 2023, we have also launched a PGR Support Survey which is considered 'part 2' of the PGR Experience Survey. Click on the links below to access the results of the 2021, 2022 & 2023 surveys.

Click on the links on the left to see results from past surveys. To find out more about PGR surveys or if you have any queries, comments, or ideas, contact the PGR Team.

PGR Support Survey 2023 Report (pdf version)

PGR Experience Survey 2023 (Sway version)

PGR Experience Survey 2023 Report (pdf version)                                                

PGR Experience Survey 2022 (pdf version)

PGR Survey 2021 (Sway version; University and College level results)

PGR Survey 2021 (pdf version; University and College level results)