Postgraduate Research Experience Survey 2011

PRES ran from 1st-31st March 2011 with a response rate of 23% (n=412) of the postgraduate student population, compared to 36% in 2009.  

The University of Glasgow’s strategic plan sets a target of 90% for overall satisfaction for Postgraduate Research Students, based on Q15g, which asks researchers to rate whether their overall experience has met their expectations (selecting from the range of -3 to +3).  In 2011, 85% of researchers selected between 0 to 3 (i.e. saying that it met or exceeded expectations), compared to 87% in 2009. 

Since the 2011 survey, we've been acting on the feedback we received.  For a full report on what you said and what we're doing about it download the Jan 2012 update on PRES

Key actions resulting from the survey include:

  • Provision of a PG Social Space (planned for summer 2012)
  • Increased numbers of places available on the most popular training courses
  • Introduction of a personal development planning tool, based on the Researcher Development Framework
  • Launch of an online course and viva workshops to support final year PhD students

To help us keep track of whether these changes are helping to improve things for students across campus, we also decided to run an interim 2012 survey. 

Results of 2012 survey.