Postgraduate Research Experience Survey 2012

PRES 2012 ran from 27 Feb 2012 – 6 April 2012.  The response rate was 38% (n=634) of the PGR population, compared with 23% in 2011.   This interim survey was carried out at Glasgow to determine progress since 2011. The next Survey will run in early 2013. 

The University’s strategic plan sets a target of 90% for overall satisfaction for Postgraduate Research Students.  This is based on question 15G, which asks researchers to rate whether their overall experience has met their expectations (selecting from -3 to +3).  In 2012, 87% of researchers selected between 0 to 3 (i.e. saying that it met or exceeded expectations), compared to 85% in 2011.  Graduate Schools will be reviewing their results over the summer to help determine priorities for next academic year. 

Summary of Results

This is an area in which Glasgow typically performs well in comparison to the Russell Group averages.  We have seen further improvements in this area in 2012.

Training and development
2012 shows an increase in researcher confidence with managing a research project and in the number of researchers who feel that they are being encouraged to consider their professional development and the career opportunities that are open to them.  However, we are still ~ 3% below 2011 Russell Group averages in satisfaction with opportunities for both research skills development and transferable skills development. 

Intellectual Climate
Results in this area remain broadly similar to 2011 and in line with Russell Group averages. However, as only 57% of researchers regard themselves as feeling integrated into the research community, this remains an area for attention.

This area has seen significant improvements since last year, including for access to equipment, working space and financial support.   We are ahead of the Russell Group Average in all of these areas. However, there is still dissatisfaction with provision of PG Social Space.

Goals and Standards
Satisfaction with response to feedback has dropped by 11% while understanding of roles, responsibilities and standards has remained broadly similar to the 2011 results. Changes to induction programmes resulted in a small increase in satisfaction in this area (comments for this question include frequent complaints over MyCampus).

Teaching opportunities
Satisfaction with the availability of teaching opportunities is low.  However, there has been an improvement in satisfaction with support and guidance offered to those who teach.